There’s Not a Talent Shortage. You Just Stink at Hiring

Nick Corcodilos, a headhunter and author of numerous books on job hunting, including his latest Fearless Job Hunting, wrote a bit of a rant in his newsletter, titled Employment In America: WTF is going on?

Corcodilos writes:

The emperor still has no clothes, and that’s why over 25 million Americans are unemployed or under-employed. (According to PBS NewsHour, that’s how many Americans say they want but can’t find a full time job.) Meanwhile, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are about 3.9 million jobs vacant.

HR executives have a special term for this 6:1 market advantage when they’re trying to fill jobs today: They call it a “talent shortage.”

Gimme a break.

A break, indeed. Many businesses that struggle to find employees would state that while there are plenty of people, there are not plenty of people who can do the jobs that need to be done. For instance, we hear often about a shortage of workers in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields, along with a plea for more H1B visas, which would let companies bring in workers from overseas to fill these jobs. It sounds convincing–don’t we need more people in these fields?

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One thought on “There’s Not a Talent Shortage. You Just Stink at Hiring

  1. I often read how HR drops the ball in recruiting and hiring process, I just want to note Hiring Managers share the blame too. How you ask?
    Deciding there is a position to fill then not following up or participating when candidates come in.
    Asking candidates be screened for one set of necessary skills then changing it up after the process has began.
    Noting how important skill & experience are then deciding it’s an entry level position when it comes to wage negotiation.
    Coming down to the 3 final candidates and not being able to make a final choice in a timely manner.
    More to add but I need to get back to work.

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