Are Your Employees Looking For a New Job?

Do your employees set New Year’s Resolutions? A very popular one this year is “Find a new job,” according to a new Career Builder survey. Per that research, 1 in 5 full time employees (or 21 percent) are looking for new jobs. This is up from last year’s 17 percent.

People look to leave for a variety of reasons. Among others, they feel they’re overdue for a pay raise or they want more work/life balance. But your real question is how do you keep your star players from walking away?

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3 thoughts on “Are Your Employees Looking For a New Job?

  1. If they are smart they are. Smart people are always on the lookout for opportunities, internal or external. It should be the biggest motivation for companies to create a positive, challenging and fulfilling work environment. But it’s not…..

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