Should You Share Your Employees’ Sins on Twitter

You already know not to say anything on the internet that you wouldn’t want to appear on, well, the internet. So, how would you feel if your boss posted on to Twitter the reasons why he fired or disciplined you?

It seems like a pretty horrible thing to do, and when I saw this headline “I’m Firing You! And Telling the World Your Sins–on Twitter!” I thought it was the worst thing ever. Then I read the article and it no longer seems like the worst idea. Still a bad one, but not the worst.

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2 thoughts on “Should You Share Your Employees’ Sins on Twitter

  1. One of the points not mentioned in the source article is the fact that these terminations have occurred after hearings. He has not divulged more information than is publicly known and reported by the local media. Most of the more noteworthy incidents are even reported by the news before internal investigations are completed and the hearings are held.

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