Job hunting tip: You don’t need to ask for the job

Finding a new job can be a painful, tedious and humiliating experience. There’s nothing like sending out hundreds of resumes and having only a few companies actually respond — and then you go through the interview and hear nothing. It’s disheartening and you can start to think, “Maybe they didn’t know I wanted the job.” In fact, I received this email from a discouraged job seeker:

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to say “Hey HIRE ME. I’m the best for this position,” without coming off rude, cocky, and/or arrogant. But I also don’t want to look extremely desperate. I’ve tried doing it in a joking manner when they ask if there is anything question by saying “Why yes when do I start?”, but I’m not sure if it is helpful. PLEASE HELP

First, you don’t need to say, “Hire Me!” or do anything that says specifically you want this job. They already know you want this job. And you can’t say you’re the best for the position because, unless you sat in on the interviews with all the other candidates, you really have no idea. And no matter how you say you’re the best, it comes across as pompous and (shockingly) naive. Yes, naive — it tells the interviewer that you have no idea what the job market is like.

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8 thoughts on “Job hunting tip: You don’t need to ask for the job

  1. Great piece. You don’t have to ask for the job…..make them WANT to give it to you.

    People love to buy but hate to be sold.

    Just be powerful and present your value.

    You can assume they know you are interested in the job because you are there.

    Better to be in a position to say “no” than miss the opportunity to say “Yes”…..

  2. Are you sure that just showing up and extending the wet fish handshake and telling them you hope to hear from them will be enough to let them KNOW you want the job?

    I have talked to many hiring contacts throughout my 14 year career that tate they will not hire someone that does not express interest.

    In my opinion you have to let them know you want to move forward in the process. Next interview, next step.

    You can express interest without coming across as desperate.

    In today’s competitive marketplace you need to set yourself apart.

    Just showing up will not get the job done.

    John Palcisko

    1. John, that part comes with final point of the article- Express Enthusiasm. It’s best to read the full article before commenting.

  3. I agree you want to make them see you as the only option but in sales if you don’t ask for the job at the end, they will move on to someone else. I usually close with, “What other information do you need from me to make all the other candidates go away?” It puts you both on the same page-there is only one candidate for the job-you!

    1. I’m sorry, Mel, but as a hiring manager this would make me want to cross you off the list. I think there are much more effective ways of indicating your interest that don’t include a hard-sell close.

      1. No need to apologize it has worked well for me. Curious are you in startup medical device sales as a manager?

      2. Mel did point out that is is true _in sales_.

        My guess is that Anonymous is not a Sales manager.

  4. You have to standout from crowd or differentiate yourself from other job seekers in order to get a job. It’s true that you don’t have to beg for the job, it’s your passion and enthusiasm that drives employers to choose you right away.

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