Job hunters, don’t overlook your “soft skills”

When you’re interviewing for a job, it’s critical to show you have the hard skills the employer is asking for. After all, who’s going to hire an accountant who doesn’t know accounting? But a new survey by CareerBuilder finds that hiring managers and human resources people are looking just as closely at your “soft skills.”

According to CareerBuilder, here are the top 10 soft skills that managers want to see in candidates:

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One thought on “Job hunters, don’t overlook your “soft skills”

  1. I think it is very important to emphasize your “soft skills” in your resume and during a job interview. As a course requirement during college, I was to participate in the StrengthsQuest online personality assessment which determines your top 5 personal talents/strengths through a series of situational “this or that” questions. Three of my top 5 strengths are listed in the list of top 10 “soft skills” that managers want to see in candidates, Knowing your strengths makes it so much easier to answer the question that most interviewers like to ask, “What is one of your greatest strengths?” Knowing my strengths has greatly helped me in nailing interview questions because you can relate them to almost any question thrown your way. And because many strengths can be considered “soft skills,” you can easily tie them into your resume with your “hard skills.”

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