8 Publicity Fails of PR Pros and Overeager Entrepreneurs

he first commandment for landing publicity: Thou shalt not annoy.

I get a ton of emails every day from readers asking questions, from people who want to leave me their multimillion-dollar estates and from public affairs professionals. The questions from readers about how to handle situations at their offices are my favorites. The inheritances (or British lottery winnings) that simply require me to send along $20,000 to get the ball rolling are summarily deleted. But the PR stuff? That’s another story.

Now, I write a lot about various companies, and I love to get information from PR people, because otherwise, I won’t hear about the interesting thing that your company does with and for people. So, I do love to hear from all of you! But if you’re getting ignored all the time, I have my reasons (see eight of them below). Even if you’re not a PR pro, the following lessons might also be instructive–particularly for anyone who wants to get the media to sit up and take notice.

To read about the PR failures, click here: 8 Publicity Fails of PR Pros and Overeager Entrepreneurs

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