4 questions that reveal a company’s culture

Going to a job interview is all about impressing the hiring manager, right? Wrong. It’s about finding the right fit. After all, a job interview isn’t a beauty pageantwhere you parade around for a panel of judges. It’s far more like a date, where you’re trying to find out if you’re compatible.

So while you’re being peppered with questions, remember that you, too, can ask questions. But what to ask?

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3 thoughts on “4 questions that reveal a company’s culture

  1. Excellent post! I know job applicants sometime struggle with what questions to ask and how to ask them. These can definitely provide great insight into the company culture.

  2. I like # 4 the best:) And I like it when I am interviewing and the potential hire asks unique questions about the company and position. It shows their real interest and can lead into conversations which lets me see their personality.

  3. Great advice for job seekers. I am a true believer in needing a “right fit” both when hiring AND accepting a job. If job seekers just ask these 4 basic questions (I have in the past when interviewing for positions) it can really be eye opening.

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