How to Close Your Gender Pay Gap

Overall, men earn more money than women do. That’s not disputed. But, what is disputed is if that is fair or not. McGill University thought it wasn’t fair, so they did something about it, and it took them 13 years to close their gender pay gap.

I, personally, think they screwed up. Not because women should be paid less than men, but because they fell into the old trap of trying to equate jobs that are completely and wholly unrelated to each other as equal. For instance, the Wall Street Journal writes:

The program’s goal was to ensure that pay for female-dominated professions was keeping pace with male-dominated ones of equal importance. If administrative assistants were considered as valuable as groundskeepers, the thinking went, the women who jotted down phone messages and kept appointment calendars should be compensated as well as the men working the lawns.

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