Treat Your Employees Right or Big Government Will Step In

Cards on the table here: I’ve worked part time since my first child was born, in 2003. For the first five years, I worked for a big pharma company, in a job share. I would have happilystayed in that job, had my husband not received a too-good-to-refuse job offer over an ocean. So, I quit that job and took up free-lance writing, where editors set deadlines, but I determine when I work. Which means my part time career life has always had a predictable, regular schedule. (Income, of course, varies when one free-lances, but I choose my own hours.)

However, for many part time workers, this is not the case at all. Managers provide completely unpredictable schedules (and often wait until the last minute to post said schedules), which makes things like child care almost impossible. Students can also find it difficult, as they need to work their schedules around their classes.

So, in steps the government. San Francisco, Vermont and Federal employees now have the “right to request” schedules that accommodate such things as school, child care, and elder care, according to the New York Times. Managers aren’t required to give the requested schedule, but are required to listen to their employees.

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