LinkedIn’s employees’ paychecks were wrong. Is yours?

LinkedIn just agreed to pay almost $6 million in unpaid overtime and damages, in a settlement after an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor.

So, if a big company with over 5,000 employees and a human resources department can make a mistake on so many paychecks, is your paycheck correct? Here are some things to look for.

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4 thoughts on “LinkedIn’s employees’ paychecks were wrong. Is yours?

  1. This is really a timely post for me. I just started as a temp to hire position as a front desk recept position. It is a small company about 30 reg employees and the rest temps. (lots of seasonal help )

    The reg employees and some temps ” punch in” on a finger pad and the rest of the temps sign in on a sheet. The
    “fingerprint” pad doesn’t generate the checks for reg employees.

    I have to run a report daily to see all the punches and then literally, manually key in the in and out punches to a spreadsheet making sure all the hours are rounded to the quarter hour and change the hours to military time. I have to manually enter all the temps hours the same way on their tabs on the sheet.

    That spreadsheet gets sent to the owner and she does whatever she does. I believe she sends the spreadsheets to the individual agencies for them to then manually enter their hours in their system for the checks for the temps.

    To add to this, people are working 2nd shifts so their first punch is lets say, tues afternoon and their end punch is the next AM day all along with out and in punches for breaks and lunches. (must punch out if leaving the bldg and for all lunches) so figuring all that out can be harry…. especially with people forgetting to punch or just plain punching to steal time.

    Talk about room for error. This takes a long time. I am so worried about messing up someones check. No direct manager checks their punches. I am the one that needs to make sure they are all correct.

    So, Evil HR lady….. if someone write to you saying their paycheck is messed up…. IT WAS ME !!!!

    1. Oh boy. That sounds complex. You’d think they could come up with a better system!

  2. In 1998/99 I was doing a Y2K project and part of that entailed that I create a calendar control to replace the 3 different methods the software package handled dates.

    One of the requirements was to be able to track time across days much like CoCo is talking about.

    Most of the calendar controls of the day worked only with dates but my solution coupled date and time together so it was possible to have a 25 hour (or more) day.

  3. I’ve been hearing of hourly jobs being classified as “exempt” so overtime is still paid, but at straight time. First, can an hourly even be considered exempt as I thought that was just for salaried positions? And also, does FLSA even allow overtime to ever be straight time?

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