Being the Boss Means You Can Do What You Want (But That’s Not Always Advisable)

One of the reasons entrepreneurs start their own businesses is that they are tired of being told what to do. The flip side though, is that once you hire your first employer, you become responsible for your employees. There are a lot of things you can do that you should not do. For instance, you should not have an affair with any of your employees. When you’re the big boss, you need to find romance outside of the office. What happens when a boss breaks this rule? A reader writes:

I have worked for two years in a California company and was an excellent employee. I had no problems with anyone until recently. The boss, who is married, started an affair with a co-worker. What they do off the clock is their business, when it affects the office that’s what got to me. There was complete lack of trying to hide the relationship. She would click in late everyday and go straight to his office and close the door for an hour. She would post on social media when they had outings and brag about him taking her shopping. Other employees were written up for being late 5 minutes (not me) and she could make her own schedule and come and go as she pleased. He made a contest for the office and I won. He stated that she won! When I asked how he said to stop having attitude. I wasn’t. He cursed at me and said I was a problem. He then fired me.

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2 thoughts on “Being the Boss Means You Can Do What You Want (But That’s Not Always Advisable)

  1. I’m now retired. Have been around a while at a lot of jobs, etc. Situations like this are awful and employees need to consider ignoring such until the two fall out of love, or one can take surreptitious action (photographs to the wife are best)

  2. The writing was already on the wall. She received more than favoritism. Unfortunately you placed yourself in a no win situation . It wasn’t going to work in your favor and you have to pick your battles carefully. You must be more clever in those types of situations or say freak it and move on. That sometimes means finding another place of employment.

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