Right now they are teenagers, and probably buying some of your stuff (if you’re an App maker), but soon they’ll be knocking on your door for internships and jobs. Are you prepared?

Randstad Corporation, in conjunction with Millennial Branding, released a new study today on the differences between Generation Y (ages 21 to 32) and Generation Z (ages 16 to 20). While their responses are interesting, take them with a grain of salt. Gen Z respondents can only guess at their true preferences, as they haven’t been tested in the real workplace. (Outside of the occasional summer job, and the odd genius who has founded her own startup, Gen Z doesn’t have real-life experience.)

Here’s what Randstad says you can look forward to:

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3 thoughts on “Brace Yourself For Gen Z

  1. I think you are the first person to categorize Gen Z. Personally I think the cut off should be “do you remember the 90s at all.” If someone has no recollection of the past century, then that really is a new generation.

    Regardless, I think generations are an interesting topic because the world is changing so fast that people only 5, 6 years apart can have had very different childhoods….maybe only because of changes in pop culture, but nevertheless different.

    1. Randstad did the categorizing. Personally, I think they should be considered the same generation as Gen Y, but I didn’t get to pick!

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