Most big companies have someone monitoring compensation, making sure that things are pretty much fair. But, sometimes, things fall through the cracks. And, unfortunately, sometimes the big boss doesn’t care about fair, but just cares about paying people as little as possible.

You can’t blame a business owner for wanting to make a profit. After all, times are tight for everyone, and if he can pay someone less, there’s some logic to it. However, sometimes you may end up being the victim of this. One of my readers asked me the following question:

How do I go about getting paid fairly and my co workers. The company I work for is starting the new hires with less experience over $2. 50 more an hour. What can I do about this with out getting fired?

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8 thoughts on “When your salary truly is unfair

  1. Salary inequality would be much, MUCH less of a problem if unions were stronger and more people joined them. Unions were created to democratize the workplace. Ignorant workers allowed big companies and their greedy owners to convince them unions are evil, thus taking power away from employees, who have become like slaves.

    1. Oh, unions are horrible with salary inequality, because they don’t recognize merit, only job title and length of service. Sure, you can get promoted based on merit, if the contract allows it, but it’s basically a check box for salary.

  2. I’ve been in a union and it did me no good at all. Unions these days exist in order to extort contributions to (guess which political party) from their opponents. It’s outrageous that the law in many states still allows this, but it does.

    I agree with her conclusion: look for a better company.

  3. I work for myself and get by, the economy is slowly picking up, and I am getting many more nibbles on the job front. Sadly, the salaries offered are insanely and horrendously low.

    I recently heard from one that offered a salary that is equal to what I was making in 1997! (For the mathematically challenged, that is 17 years ago!!!)

    What’s worse is that this is lower than the mid range salary for a lower ranking job at the same company (based on Glassdoor).

    Do they think I am that dumb?! Do they think I would give up the flexibility I have in taking consulting assignments and making my own schedule in order to be come a slave to them for LESS money?! What the heck?!?

    Do they not understand how free markets work?

    1. Just saw Glassdoor for this company. They get 1.5 stars out of 5, CEO approval under 50%… “wretched pay, high turnover”

      I had a brief chat with them about the position, and they were the haughtiest, rudest people. Good riddance!

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