To Share or Not to Share

What items gathered during the recruitment process can I share with others? We require approval from several parties before making an employment offer, and I am concerned that we may be sharing confidential information when “check complete” should be enough. The following items are obtained during our pre-employment screening: drug screen results, Office of Inspector General search results, criminal background results, CPS results, references, driving history and pay stubs from previous employers (used to verify salary).

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3 thoughts on “To Share or Not to Share

  1. Evil HR Lady,
    I’m a bit confused. I thought there was recent EEOC guidance against rigidly defined background check criteria and their recommendation to prevent discrimination was to examine situations on a case-by-case basis? We’ve been hesitant to define background check criteria for roles because of this.

    1. It a crap shoot with the EEOC. So, you say, “Our policy is no DUIs for 3 years,” but then you evaluate on a case-by-case basis with two different employees, who had DUIs 2 years ago. You hire one and not the other. If they are different races, the EEOC will come after you as well.

      Of course, and i should have said this, setting a standard works well for something like DUIs, but not so well for “no misdemeanors” or “no felonies” because there are literally thousands of different ones that would need to evaluated.

  2. It is an illusion y’all. Just like “privacy” concerns…there is no more privacy. People share stuff you cannot imagine with the theory that it is only illegal if you get caught.

    The new normal. Sorry

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