Are You Smarter Than a Walmart HR Manager?

Walmart just entered into a Consent Decree with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which includes a $72,500 payout to Laura Jones, additional training for store employees, and posting a sign regarding disability accommodation. Why? Because Walmart answered a very basic question wrong. Let’s see if you’re smarter than a Walmart HR manager:

You make an employment offer to a woman that is contingent on passing a drug test. She says she is willing to take the drug test, but unfortunately due to end stage renal disease, she cannot produce urine. Do you?

A. Authorize the laboratory to do the drug test with blood?

B. Withdraw the employment offer because the employee didn’t produce a urine sample within 24 hours of Walmart’s request?

To read the answer to this difficult quiz, click here: Are You Smarter Than a Walmart HR Manager

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9 thoughts on “Are You Smarter Than a Walmart HR Manager?

  1. I’d take option C. – waive the blood test in this instance. IMO the usefulness of the drug test could be considered balanced against the intrusiveness and discomfort of a urinalysis but having a blood draw for the same purpose crosses that line.

    But once you waive the drug test that probably sets you up for a discrimination suit in the future by someone else.

    1. In theory, I’m not a big fan of drug testing anyway, but like you, I’m sure that waiving the test for one person would open a can of worms you couldn’t ever close.

      1. I think it’s a real waste of money to test everyone but I agree. Once you start with exemptions, someone will get upset.

    1. From the article, we don’t know what Laura’s job title/duties are. She might need a reasonable accommodation to do her job, but if she is able with or without a reasonable accommodation, and was the best candidate for the job then the question is moot.

    2. It really varies. I have ESRD and I go to the support boards. Some people feel more well and work part time or full time jobs. Once on dialysis it can be tougher to work full time. I worked for years after diagnosis. I had a desk job.

  2. I bet the hiring manager didn’t even believe her that she couldn’t urinate. It happens to many kidney disease patients but surprises most people. This is why disabled people many times cannot get work. The hiring manager believes they are lying or lazy for whatever accomodation and then refuses to be bothered.

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