Prepare for All Your Meetings in 5 Minutes or Less With Charlie

Before you go on a sales call, or to a job interview, or conduct a job interview, do you Google the person you’ll be meeting? If you have time, of course you do. If you don’t have time, you don’t, which can leave you unprepared for that meeting. Enter Charlie.

Charlie is a personal assistant that does the searching for you and sends you a report on everyone you’ll be meeting with today.

“It’s there to make you walk into every meeting prepared,” says Charlie App CEO and founder Aaron Frazin. He claims that it saves an average of 57 Google searches for each person you want information on. Charlie App’s motto? “Oh you weren’t doing that before? Now you are.”

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3 thoughts on “Prepare for All Your Meetings in 5 Minutes or Less With Charlie

  1. I tried the Charlieapp. I really wanted it to work.
    I wanted to look up a person for an upcoming interview and Google showed only two results: a disused LinkedIn page and a short reference that only listed a name. I went through the sign up process multiple times and it never completes. I type in my spamcatcher email address, and then it goes to Google calendar/Outlook calendar. Why does it do this when I only want to look someone up. I click on Outlook calendar so it won’t try to connect to to a Gmail calendar and then the process ends. There’s no way to look anyone up. I tried both Microsoft Internet Exploder and Mozilla Firefox.

    A great idea, too bad it doesn’t actually work.

    1. Hmmm, I have the option to simply enter an email address when I log into Charlie. I wonder why you don’t.

      1. I do the option(?) as the only possible thing to do on the page. Once I get past the email address (spamcatcher) it wants access to my calendar which I am not going to grant or share.
        Why did they create a search engine that won’t work without full access to your daily calendar. I read some of their marketing literature that claims how wonderful it is to give them all your appointments and the names/email addresses of everyone you will meet with, but there is no way I will ever give out that information just to do the equivalent of a metasearch like or or a people search like I would be just as concerned if I was on someone’s calendar and they were sharing my information with this 3rd party and wherever it goes from there. This leads me to believe they are mapping people’s lives based on calendar appointments and have a great source of data to sell to prospective buyers and that’s why it won’t work without unfettered calendar access.

        Oh Evil One, I truly appreciate you sharing options. Although I will pass on this one I have gained so much from your writings on this site.

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