What can workers do if they get a bad performance review?

When employees get an unfair performance appraisal, typically their only choices are to accept the blot on their work record or find a new job. But not if you’re New York teacher Sheri Lederman.

According to the Washington Post, even her school superintendent says that “her record is flawless” and that “she is highly regarded as an educator.” Her students also performed better than average on state tests. So why was she rated as “ineffective”?

That is the mystery Lederman, a fourth-grade public school teacher in Great Neck, New York, is hoping to uncover by suing the state officials who evaluated her. Educators in New York use a complicated computer model to figure out how students should perform, a common measure of teacher performance.

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One thought on “What can workers do if they get a bad performance review?

  1. I’ve never understood the theory that a certain percentage must be below expectations. Wouldn’t you have a better company if most or all of your workers were doing well? Performance appraisals are more likely to drive away good performers than bad performers the way they’re set up now. The bad performers often expect a lukewarm review and go back to whatever lukewarm job they’re doing. The good performers are stunned by the bad review which is driven by a bell curve or lack of money for raises or company politics or personality conflict. They realize no one cares about their hard work. They are likely to do less and look for another job.

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