5 Ways to Maximize Productivity During the Holidays

While on the one hand, December can be an extremely productive month when you consider all aspects of your life, it can be a complete drag at work because you’re doing so much shopping, cooking, and party organizing outside of work. This can make you tired and tempted to slack off at work. Unfortunately, though, that’s not great for business. What can you do to maximize your productivity, even when jingle bells are ringing?

Laura Stack, the “Productivity Pro” has 5 suggestions for keeping productivity high when time and energy is low.

To read Laura’s tips, click here: 5 Ways to Maximize Productivity During the Holidays

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3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Maximize Productivity During the Holidays

  1. Regardless of how hard you try to “maximize” your time during the holidays, you’re not likely to get much done. Other people aren’t following your lead. THEY’RE shopping, cooking, traveling, going to parties, staying home with a hangover, etc. Americans work too much anyway. We should just take the five or six weeks off between Thanksgiving and New Year’s — call it our “holiday hiatus” and rest up for the New Year. Get all of that partying and conspicuous consumption out of your system, then get back to work with no distractions!

  2. The holidays can be a slow time for any business. It is tough to overcome, but these tips certainly are a good start. The holidays should be a time for fun, but not at the expense of productivity.

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