The Very Best Preparation for Business Ownership–Raising 8 Kids


Rand and Janeel Smith always wanted to run their own business, but it took a bit of time to get there, as they were a bit busy–raising their 8 children. Now that 7 of the 8 are out of the house (and have provided the Smith’s with 15 grandkids, and one more on the way), they have a bit of time to invest in their business, an optical shop in Kansas City, Missouri, called eyeSmith.

What having 8 kids will teach you

“We told all our kids to pray real hard that it works because if it didn’t they were our retirement policy,” Janeel said, “We’ll live with each one 6 weeks per year. Scott (one of their sons) replied, ‘That’s fine mom, as long as you do it only two weeks at a time!'” The children can lower their panic level a little as business has grown 40 percent in the last year. If things continue, mom and dad won’t be showing up on their doorsteps anytime soon.

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(Note: The picture is of the Smiths and their grandkids, in case you were counting!)

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