6 Tips to Help New Employees Meet the Boss’s Expectations

I joined my financial services firm seven months ago. I interviewed for a senior manager role, but was offered a lesser role due to the firm’s pending sale. I was told that I could attain the role after working for at least one year.

I accepted, even though it was a demotion and a big drop in pay. Within the first month, I had this horrible gut feeling that I made a terrible mistake. My boss oversaw every activity and interaction I had, but was terrible at managing both my work and transition into this field.

While attempting to carry out my first project, he (unconsciously) sabotaged it by hijacking meetings, communicating with the client without my consultation, and failing to review my work. I turned in my final report right before Christmas, and it sat unread for four weeks.

He blew off all meetings and communications, and I sat at a desk without an assignment for that period doing little more than reading news online.

I talked with HR, who shared my concerns, particularly the part where I was not working for an extended period of time. HR asked me to engage him directly on these issues, which we did.

My manager informed me that my work was not at the level of my peers, who perceived me as inadequate. He indicated I would not be eligible for promotion. I asked why my performance evaluation did not include any feedback that I could have addressed, and he indicated that that was not the place to do that. HR has asked me to come up with a strategy that they can facilitate, including going directly to my manager’s boss with a strategy. I’m not sure what good it does at this point to ask for a resolution when the person overseeing your career advancement has all but said I’m not worthy of working in the department. Can a strategy be developed to right this wayward (career) ship?

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