Summer’s Here! How Smart Companies are Engaging Their Employees

The day after Memorial day is the official start of the summer season-or at least when Miss Manners says we can pull our white shoes out of the closet. With summer comes vacation and people wishing they were on vacation. It can be difficult to keep people engagedwhen it would be so much more fun to be at the beach or the amusement park. Here’s what some smart companies are doing this summer to keep employees happy at their offices.

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5 thoughts on “Summer’s Here! How Smart Companies are Engaging Their Employees

  1. The gossip thing sounds like a disaster in the making. Mean Girls, anyone?

    As for the sports one, I assume there are at least a couple of employees who don’t like sports–do they get to spend their budget on something else? They can’t all be sports nuts. Or do they only hire people who like sports?

    I would love the yoga and lunches one. And the Irish castle!

  2. I love that other office workers have break rooms and kitchen areas. I wish we did 🙁 It’s gross washing things out in the bathroom sink, and I’d love to have a quiet place away from my desk to eat my lunch. And video games in said break rooms? Get outta here!

  3. Working in a big company comes with a series of benefits. This is a thing that smaller companies need to learn: that you need to invest in your employees in order to achieve the desired results. Though benefits like spa, golf, or fitness programs sound pretty expensive, massage chairs and a picnic are definitely a must when people can only think about tanning and swimming.

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