Coworker Sabotaging Your Office? Maybe She’s a CIA Spy

Have you ever worked with someone who seemed genuinely more interested in ruining morale than in doing any work?

Turns out the CIA thought that an employee could do serious damage to a business.

If it was a business the CIA wanted to destroy, their best bet was to send in someone to destroy it from the inside out.

The Simple Sabotage Field Manual from 1944 details all sorts of technical ways to sabotage a business.

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4 thoughts on “Coworker Sabotaging Your Office? Maybe She’s a CIA Spy

  1. Apparently, the CIA has been attempting to sabotage almost every place I’ve ever worked. Having personally done some of those things, I’ve been guilty of a little sabotage myself.

  2. And of course, when the supplies run out, don’t respond to any entreaties from coworkers that they need supplies. Let them think you died and are rotting in your office because there is no response, ever. Vary your arrival, lunch, and leaving times so they can never catch you. *koffpeopleatExjobkoff*

  3. So let me get this straight. You’re suggesting that we should *not* do the things listed in this manual? I’m only asking because if that’s what you mean, I’m going to have to change my job description, and I need time to write the procedure manual to do that, form an oversight committee, hold a preliminary coordinating meeting (or probably two), survey all who will be affected, and who knows what else. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to simply carry on as before? I mean, we all need to save time, right?

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