What the MI6 Looks for in New Recruits (Hint: James Bond Need Not Apply)

MI6 is the British secret intelligence made famous by their “employee” James Bond. There’s pretty much nothing Bond can’t do, with a martini in one hand and a beautiful woman on his arm, except for actually work at MI6. They’d never hire him-not in a million years. Why? He lacks the emotional intelligence.

Bond, who works alone (unless you count the decidedly non-spy women), has thewrong personality for intelligence work. He’s an independent type and the intelligence field is highly team based. MI6 Agents “Kristy” and “Kamal” spoke withThe Telegraph about what MI6 really looks for in Agents.

The most important skill, it seems is the ability to build relationships. (Not those kind of relationships.) That requires people skills that Bond seems to lack. What people do they build relationships with? Well, the real spies.

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12 thoughts on “What the MI6 Looks for in New Recruits (Hint: James Bond Need Not Apply)

            1. Fascinating. I think it would be a great move, but I’m hardly the target audience. I see about 1 movie per year in the theatre.

  1. Well, I never thought Bond wad reallistic, but there is also the fact that he is out of date. Maybe espionage was more like that when Ian Fleming first wrote the character.

    1. Also it’s a lot more interesting this way. Having a character that sits at a desk sifting through page after page of intelligence would be boring.

      1. Isn’t that why legal shows are always about courtroom arguments and investigations and finding last-minute evidence? If they actually showed associates stuck in the law library night after night after night, researching cases, viewers would slit their wrists.

        1. Can you imagine?

          I used to teach LSAT prep classes. My students were always boggled that I didn’t go to law school. When they asked why I didn’t go, I said, “Because I don’t want to be a lawyer.”

          They found that so strange. I bet they had no idea what lawyers really do.

  2. My favourite movie is “The Spy who came in from the Cold”. It depicts Richard Burton as a gray man in a gray life being a ‘real’ spy in 1960s London. It is emotionally gripping. I highly recommend it for anyone thinking of applying to the secret service and/or who wants to watch a well made movie. Look out for the scene when Burton gets out of jail and on a bus while being spied on. How on earth did they achieve that complex single camera shot??!!!

  3. I always found it fascinating that he worked for Naval Intelligence and liaised with Bletchly Park during WWII. And that he also wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang–one of my favorite books as a kid!

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