10 Things Every Working Dad Needs

Father’s day is this Sunday where I live (Switzerland) and coming up June 19 in the US, so it’s time to think about what our working Dads need. Remember this isn’t necessarily a present guide (although some of these work great as gifts), but a list of what working Dads think make their own lives easier. I asked my readers for their suggestions and here is what the Dads say they need.

1. Audio Books.

If the Dad in your life has a commute, an audio book or an audio book subscription can make the commute a pleasant time instead of a stressful time. Unless your audio book is a thriller and then you just swap the kind of stress.

2. Wireless Speakers/Headphones.

When dad gets the opportunity to telecommute, wireless noise canceling headphones can drown out the noise of the little darlings, if they are home. (Remember, you need someone watching the little ones while you’re working, even if you’re working at home). If you can blast music throughout the house, a wireless speaker is the way to go. Several dads recommend Amazon’s new Alexa, which allows you to easily tap into many streaming music services.

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3 thoughts on “10 Things Every Working Dad Needs

  1. Not a bad list. Found the traeger to be funny . Just bought one this weekend as an early fathers day gift.

  2. How about a couple of days of lawn service so Dad can spend more time with family? For the most part, I don’t need things, but that non-renewable resource time is invaluable.

  3. With very little modification, these could be things every working parent needs.

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