When you hire people, you want people who are just like you–right? Someone with whom you could be best friends? Lots of people hire this way, but it’s not the right way to hire. While culture is important, what’s more important is that you find people who aren’t like you–people who have different knowledge, skills, abilities, and ideas. Otherwise, why hire anyone at all?

To read more about it, click here: Why You Don’t Want to Use Cultural Fit as a Reason to Hire Clones

And, it reminds  me of this:

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2 thoughts on “I Think I’m A Clone Now

  1. In addition to the reasons stated in the article, one more reason not to favor ones clones is implicit bias, which can result in prohibited discrimination.

  2. Oh, you’re so right–Mythbusters is a fantastic example of disparate employees working well together. Jamie and Adam both brought something to the table and had common goals even though their approaches and views were wildly different. And it proved very effective. They both worked their butts off and got some amazing stuff done.

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