Why Your Coworker Gets Special Privileges

Your coworker seems to get special treatment all the time and it drives you crazy. Now, it’s possible that your boss is simply a bad manager who plays favorites (or who is too wimpy to stand up to an employee who doesn’t take her job seriously). However, while some managers totally stink, most are doing the best that they can and have very good reasons for why your coworker gets privileges that you don’t have. Here’s why her life seems to be better than yours:

She negotiated it when she was hired.

Most people know they can negotiate salary, but you can pretty much negotiate anything. Some things are easier to get than others–for instance, getting an extra week of vacation when you’re not an executive is practically impossible in many companies–but go ahead and ask. Things like flexible schedules, however, are becoming more and more common.

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2 thoughts on “Why Your Coworker Gets Special Privileges

  1. Great post – I am the coworker with chronic migraines, who is always working weird hours from home to make up time. I was always very open about it, but it’s surprising how many people resent you anyway, even to the point of trying to get you fired. It’s really sad how the working world handles disabilities.

    1. They see it as getting special privileges without stopping to think about how awful your migraines are.

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