Today, Evil HR Lady is 10 Years Old! Can you believe it? I can’t.

A 10 year birthday deserves a present, and since I lack all manners, I’m asking for a present. Pick from the following list:

As I reminisce over ten  years of evilness, here are some interesting blasts from the past.

My most popular posts (not a perfect list, because I don’t have access to stats from all the sites I write at):

It’s been a really fun ride and I intend to keep going for a long time.

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25 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday!

  1. Happy birthday! Since I already follow you in all those platforms, I’ll buy you a beer in 11 years when you turn 21. 😉

  2. So, like most people I suspect, I tend to visit but a handful of sites from the vast “world wide web” on a regular basis but among the top of them is Evil HR Lady.

    Since finding Suzanne, I have never been let down by her forward thinking subject matter expertise around all things HR. While I don’t always agree with her, I always respect her keen insight, different perspective and powerful thoughts about the ever changing world of leading a company’s single most important asset….its people.

    Sadly, that is not a recognition shared by many people charged with caring for that asset. Suzanne is a breath of freshness in an area better suited to 1916 than 2016.

    Happy 10th anniversary….thanks for the work you do and the insights and clear passion you are kind enough to share

  3. Happy Birthday! Thanks for always sharing your experience and knowledge with us! Here’s to 10 more!

  4. Suzanne – You’re the only other career/jobs writer I agree with 99.9% of the time! Congratulations on 10 years! On to the next 10 because the world needs you! -Nick

  5. Happy birthday,! 😀

    The music site I belong to also has a birthday today. And yes, I hope you do go on for a long while yet–we need you!

    1. What’s the music site? A good one?

      And thanks for needing me! There are still enough people making bad choices that I never run out of things to talk about.

  6. Hooray! Happy birthday to your blog, Suzanne!

    Although I’m generally a lurker, I’ve been reading for almost that long, which surprises me for some reason (to realize how long it’s actually been). I have to say that my favorite posts of yours have centered around your kids’ education and the differences in the educational philosophies that you’ve noted.

    I started following you the other day on Twitter (I’m the Revenge of the Librarian person to whom you recommended that awesome book), so can I consider that an early b-day present? 😉

    1. You will love Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians. It’s hilarious.

      And thanks for the early present!

  7. Happy Tenth!

    Here’s hoping that you have another ten and may they also be happy! (and as thrilling as an Alpine Coaster – which I hope you and your family get to enjoy, at least once, while in Switzerland)

    1. Oh yes. We love Alpine Coasters and Rodelbahns. (Rodelbahnen? Bad German here).

      The only problem is when you get stuck behind a slow person. My daughter once had a woman stop her sled, and get out and yell at her for going too fast! Seriously, lady, you were creeping along. Go faster!

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