Of course, except in extenuating situations, you should give notice before you quit. But, this is an extreme example of an employee who stormed off when things didn’t go his way.

Top tenor Roberto Alagna has stunned opera-goers at La Scala in Milan by storming off stage in the middle of a performance after he was booed.

The Franco-Italian singer, who was playing a leading role in Verdi’s Aida, walked off minutes into the second night of the opera house’s new season.

His understudy rushed on wearing jeans and carried on Sunday’s performance.

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102 thoughts on “Quitting Without Giving Notice

  1. The last job I quit, I gave 1.5 days notice (roughly). I told them on Friday that Monday would be my last day. I know it wasn’t “proper” to do it that way, but the job that was offered to me needed me right away (they wanted me on Monday, but I negotiated for at least one full days notice).

    I don’t feel bad for giving such short notice to the company I used to work for though… They had a habit of firing people on the spot when they gave their 2 week notice. It happened at least 3 times during the 10 months I was with the company. One guy was fired on the spot and accused of hacking the company network when he gave a 30 day notice (he was the asst. manager in the IT department – why on earth would he need to hack the network when he had full access to everything ON the network?).

  2. Companies that have the habit of firing people when they give notice get what they deserve.

    I once had a manager call me to complain about an employee that told him on Friday that he was starting a new job on Monday. He went on and on about how unprofessional he was to do such a thing. Then, later on in the conversation he admitted that it was his practice to terminate employees immediately when they gave two weeks notice.

    I pointed out that his employee knew he had done it to others and saw no reason to have to have two weeks unpaid. Duh.

    And as for hacking the system. When Evil Marketing Man quit a job once, they had the same freakout. His boss said, “Do you have your keys in your pocket?” He was very confused and told her yes. She then marched him out the door and told him she would pack up his office and he could pick it up on a week.

    Reason? She didn’t want him to steal any confidential company files. Ummm, if he was going to do that, don’t you think he would have done it before he told his boss he was quitting?

  3. I quit without notice recently. i handed in my keys along with my polite, professional and brief resignation letter. I thanked my supervisor profusely, even though she had just spent the previous day telling me incompetent I was. I won’t get into the specifics but I only had the position for a little over a month and despite doing research and asking the right questions during the interview I was led astray.

    My boss began yelling at me as I walked out the door in front of clients (at a recovery center) and threatened to “ruin my career”.

    It took everything I had not to turn around and say, “You know what lady…” but I didn’t.

    Two days ago a women at the center, whom I didn’t realize was a Health Educator waiting to meet with my boss contacted me and offered me a job as her research assistant. She said my boss had stated that I was a “stuck up graduate student who didn’t know how to conduct herself in the workplace.”

    This woman said she smiled and said, “With her terrible attitude and unprofesisonalism, I bet she’s bet great in Academia.”

    She also mentioned that my exit was the sassiest and classiest thing she’d ever seen.

    I now have a wonder job, a mentor and a clear understanding of why you should never do anything but hold your head up high and walk out the door.

    1. Not a bad story, but I really hope for your sake that
      English is not your first lang. If it is, I want to know
      what school that your a graduate student of? 🙂
      I plan on enrolling asap. Lol

      1. “I want to know what school your a graduate student of?

        Really, you don’t know the difference between your and you’re? Also, you should never end a sentence with a preposition (*of). The correct sentence should read, “I want to know from which school did you graduate?”.

        You’re welcome,

        Grammar Nazi

        1. Anonymous is anonymous for a reason. That is how trolls work. They serve only to put others down and 9 times out of 10, they have worse issues.

          Grammar Nazi hit the target. ;D

        2. actually, the rule concerning prepositions at the close of a sentence is no longer recognized as applicable in conversational or non-formal contexts. I’m glad, because there should be a quantifiable difference between formal and informal language, in my opinion.

          1. sneefle…totally agree with you. So many people feel the need to correct another person’s comments, but fail to grasp that there is a big difference between informal and formal language and how silly it looks to use formal language rules in such a relaxed setting. It makes people come off like snobs or uptight.

  4. Jules, your quitting w/o proper notice only gave me more support and inspiration to do something similar. But for me, because the people at my current job are so dramatic, I will leave an envelope on my desk, with a polite resignation letter and my timesheet and the office keys.

    For my own emotional stability, it’s not good for me to do it face to face. Micromanagement is terrible here and I know that if I did give a two weeks notice, those final days would be brutal and I’d just rather leave w/o a peep.

    1. I did almost exactly the same thing a year and a half ago, for similar reasons. I was verbally abused and overworked to the point where it was affecting both my physical and mental health==and my doctors advised me to quit.

      I knew I might not survive the notice period (emotionally or physically) if I gave a two-week notice and tried to work it out, so I left my keys and a resignation letter saying I was quitting on the advice of my health care providers in an envelope on my desk.

      Because I was able to prove that the work environment created by my employer had been harming my health with a year’s worth of medical documentation, I was approved for unemployment even though I quit!

  5. I quit a long-time job without notice because of conflict with a co-worker. I had actually been looking for another job for some time, and decided to accept a position I was offered with the privso that I start Monday. It was explained to me that the person I was replacing had left early and they needed me immediately. I should have smelled a rat, but I was so desperate to leave the job I was in that I agreed. In one short Friday afternoon, I packed up my personal belongings, cut up my company ID and credit card, and turned in a letter of resignation and my building keys to my boss. He, I’m sure, was delighted that I was leaving because the conflict with my colleague had put him squarely in the middle. One or the other of us were always in his office, complaining. If he’d had better management skills, he wouldn’t have let it escalate to that point. He knew how upset I was, yet he accepted my resignation without comment. The new job turned out to be a nightmare; the person I replaced had actually been fired when she offered her 2 week notice. That’s why they wanted me to start immediately. The job was misrepresented to me in many ways, and I left after 2 1/2 months. I was emotionally drained from quitting 2 jobs in 3 months, and wished so much I could go back to my old job, co-worker and all. But since I’d quit without notice, that wasn’t possible. Although the employee handbook did NOT say that former employees who quit without notice were not hired back, common sense told me they wouldn’t want me back.

  6. I am thinking about walking out on my job without notice because of harassment and intimidation. I have been looking for a job for months but there is not much out there. My question is that I’ve held this position for years and if I leave without giving notice how can I list this employer on my resume? Even though I don’t think he would be very nice even with notice and my life would be made like a living Hell either way I wonder how this works.
    Is it true an employer can’t give a bad reference, that it’s illegal?
    I appreciate any help I can get.

    1. Yes and employer can give you a bad reference and many do. I would do my best not to upset a long term employer more than you have to. I did that once and 10 years later I’m still struggling to get my career back on track.

  7. I’m planning on leaving my job with no notice on Monday. I have been treated unfairly, degraded, humiliated in front of coworkers since I began four months ago. It’s strange because I passed the probation..but I recently went on my honeymoon and was told I better not quit when I return (which I am) I was berated and harrassed by the head director yesterday. My boss is on vacation and I think it’s the perfect opportunity to just get up and leave. Any suggestions?

  8. I know this blog was posted sometime back; but I still feel inclined to comment.

    I just quit via phone messages. I put in notice two weeks ago, and I was still put on the sched.

    My friend called it, "re-quitting," and I thought it was quite amusing.

    While I would usually encourage two weeks notice, in some cases, it just isn't comfortable. …and I agree with the statement about companies not giving employees two weeks- I've been apart of three company wide layoffs.

    Thanks for the information!

  9. Jules and others you all are my inspiration. I was micromanaged, berated and abused for 3 1/2 months on a job. I received no training and was told it was sink or swim. Needless to say after a meeting with my boss and her supervisor, (2 months into the job) I decided to continue my job search. I found a new job with a much nice group of people and less stress. On this new job, I was sick all of the time, took work home every night and on the weekends…it was hell! So I am happy to say that I am leaving my current job and giving notice today!

  10. I can't imagine how horrid a job must be to leave without good notice. Nor can I imagine ever accepting a position with an organization that would terminate upon notice.

    I have left four jobs in my life — three with over 90 days notice and one which I felt I could only three weeks notice (owing to a death in family and the need to relocate).

    1. No, as you stated, you couldn’t imagine it. I just left a job without notice and I am in HR. It was that spiritually draining. No one deserves to work somewhere that they feel devalued or that doesn’t feed them in someway – passion, spirit, reward – something. Next time, don’t judge just listen/read.

  11. I'm planning on quitting a job without proper notice. It's a part time job i'm quitting, and i'm already working a full time job. I wouldn't normally and haven't ever quit without giving 2 weeks notice, however I have never worked in such a terrible work environment in my life.

    I've been physically pushed around, pulled by my sleeves by a team leader and had papers i was carrying purposely knocked out of my hand while presenting to this team leader. He's also consistently called me useless and has even kicked a chair at me once. I'm certain if I were to make formal complaints against this team leader I could. Unfortunately I haven't even passed my probation and this team leader has been working for years there. I doubt it would go far with management, nor do I even know where else I can turn. I've tried to suck it up from the start, but the team leader feels as if he can bully me since he had interviewed me into the position.

    I will be quitting without notice, but will send a resignation email to management, stating especially the reasons why I am no longer working there (due to the team leader). There are probably many other better ways of dealing with this, but I just don't.. think… i know them…

  12. I was called into the office Friday and my Supervisor wrote me up for not having work done in a timely manner. I took the position two years ago as a Supervisor under her and was led to believe that I would have different teams to do tasks throughout the store. Guess what? They never hired the teams, I ended up being the "teams". I was hired to supervise my crew but in the end worked right along with them with more responsibility and was held accountable for their short comings. So I worked the rest of the day and five minutes before leaving for my weekend off I sat down and wrote my letter of resignation. I was going to give my two weeks notice soon anyways but this was the last straw and I would rather chew glass than come back to work on Monday. I've been in this line of work for 18 years with different companies and never worked under this much disarray. It's Sunday now and I feel the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders and everything will be okay, life goes on.

  13. well its been a few months now since I quit my last job which still feels like yesterday. When it is just the employer and the employee working you find that there is a friendly bond between the two well because there is no one else so you got no choice to be.

    Yes this man or creature as I would like to call it now would say things to me that would make me feel useless and even joke about how he would want to beat the S out of me and he would me feel stupid and careless and kick me down on my worst days I wont go into detail. Other people told me It is scum where as very few would say he is a good boss.

    There were good times I shared with this creature. It would share his background about his life and I would share mine with him. On long journeys it would pack lunch and I would bring the coffee. On lunch breaks it would get me a cup of coffee and if the day was real hot it would get me a coke well considering that I didn't take morning breaks im in titled to something.

    But when I went to quit it lacked very little in compassion when I said I had to help my father with his business because my Auntie had left. It told me that it has been more than fair with me and done its best it could do. It thought I was quitting because I want to I quit because I had a family to tend to. It told me to take a week to think about it so I did when the time came I told it that I can only hang on for two weeks it wanted me to hang on for 5 to 6 weeks. I said I don't think my dad can hang on for that long and he said talk it over with him but before I did it said it would respect the decision I made either way(which I talked it over with my dad and it said I can do what I feel like do what my heart tells me to do). and before I left it said that there is work next monday even though it told me earlier there was none.

    That Monday I asked it why are we working on a public holiday and it said it was nonocks day or what ever the hell it called it I went around to ask people whether they knew of this and they said nope his playing you which it was.

    by the end of that week I helped him do everything from A to Z and when it dropped me off at my place I thought I should tell it now. So I did and it was an awkward silence I thought I had to leave soon so it could make its physiotherapist or in its case car mechanic or exorcist. I wish I could of left with a real goodbye like It has been great working with you but I didn't want it to miss its appointment even to the end I was still nice to it. So before I left it as asked me to hand in all my gear which by the way was already out of my bag by half way of the trip. Even through I cant remember the first few words all I got in return was goodbye and soo long. and as I continued to talked to him keep in mind Ihad to make it quick. I said your more than welcome to visit anytime or I can visit you and yet again in return I got a yeah sure sure right and a whatever mate ( i was hoping for a thank you for all your hard work) and with anger and frustration I finnally gave with a ahhh **** YA THEN and slammed the door and that was the last I ever saw of it.

    The important thing is not to feel guilty for leaving there is always somewhere else better or if you dont like working for others why not work for yourself im doing it now and I couldn't be any happier this is the best job in my life I can say with out a doubt.

    You give the notice you feel you can give and don't let anyone put you down for the decision you make if you feel it is the best one to make don't let them judge you because they don't know what your life is like and just remember they would have done the same when they were younger too.

    Use this as a growing experience

  14. Wow that's great advice. I have been at this job for about a month maybe less and I hate it. They have high sales requires for a store discount card and care more about that then customer service and keeping their products in order on the floor. Cashiering requires u to be a pushy sales girl and that is not me. I am on my fifth day an am officially trained now but my hiring boss will be here today and I am scared to go to work today.. or to even quit.
    I had a customer tell me how sweet I was and to go apply with her sister at a local restaurant. I did and have an interview tomorrow

    1. This was literally me two months ago. I got a job as a sales associate at this store and I could not handle the pressure my managers put on me to sell. I swear I felt like I was working as a sales rep at car dealership as opposed to a store that that sells sporting attire. It was emotionally draining. I’m not an aggressive, pushy person, but that’s how they wanted me to be, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe at that place because the managers were constantly breathing down my neck. It was nerve-wrecking.

      So I quit after a month. Gave a week’s notice and that was that. I found another job two weeks later.

  15. I am currently pregnant and working in a soul-crushingly boring job, in a badly-run company, with a boss who has NO IDEA about the position’s work. Instead of asking questions when they don't understand something, they instantly accuse me of incompetence. (Which is funny, because I have 10 years experience at this, and no one else complained!) I have been there a couple months, and this has happened 3 times. I am the 5th person in the position in less than 2 years (something that was NOT told to me in the interview.) Now that I see the messy, horrible way things are run, I can SEE WHY. I am only staying until my third trimester, and then, hopefully, the next time my boss has a little fit and begins berating me, I will say ‘Sorry, I guess I’m a little DISTRACTED because I am pregnant.’ Then, they won’t DARE fire me, and I can pretty much set my departure date at will. They would also be ill-advised to give a bad reference since I will be leaving due to pregnancy, (Not, the REAL REASON of ‘If I stay here one more minute, I am going to trash the office because you people are such idiots!!!) I hate my job so much I fantasize about this EVERY DAY. But I am grateful I get to leave with a really good excuse. Without that excuse, it would look bad to only have such a short job on my resume. Only a few more months to go! Yeah!

  16. I quit my job and gave 1 day notice. I was so intimidated by the lady that was my supervisor that i could not communicate with her without buckleyly over. She has the face of monkey all wrinkled up and very unapproachable. She would not even say good morning and never once said thank you nice job, but was sure good at reprimanding me for whatever I did wrong. It was her way or no way. I went to work every morning walking on egg shells till I finally got fed up with her when she gave me a disciplinary notice. I was so hurt and embarressed. I am not sorry that I left at least now I can sleep.

  17. ok so i work with this company for over 2 years now i recently moved to arizona and got transferred my last location was so good i loved my coworkers my boss was so good ,but this new branch is horrible they treat me badly everyone is so rude to me .I am an indian and some of them are racist …they say that i smell of spices sometimes and spray there perfume on me or sometimes they accuse me of using cellphone in bathroom cauz i go to bathroom often (3 times in a 8 hour shift which is too much for them)co workers yell at me if something not done the way they want ..i have decided i am quitting without a notice i cant take this treatment anymore …i know its fall and it will be hard on them in busy time .But i am too stressed now both emotionally and physically.

  18. Well reading all these posts put my mind to ease. (Not that I should be uneasy at all) I have been unemployed on and off throughout the past two years. I took a leap of faith leaving a company I was at for 17 years to "spread my wings" and well, my wings got clipped a bit and I got let go after a year and a half. I bounced 8 months on/3 months off for 2 years about, until I found a job which I have been at for 4 months and really enjoy. As fate may have it, one of the prior jobs offered me a position and needed me immediately. Wanting to keep my integrity, I attempted to please both places and gave one week notice rather than the standard two weeks. I wrote the great resignation letter and even put in there that if the 1 week was not feasible to please contact me to discuss. Well wouldn't you know it, I am unprofessional for giving 1 week notice and all my good luck emails start with: "I heard you gave one week's notice….good luck." Great job on not making this a negative thing, right.

    It is sad because I really like what I do and I like working here but due to older parents and unforeseen circumstances I have to make a career move that isn't just about me. I am 100% ok with it because after reading all the posts, I did my best and I did great things in the mere 4 months that I was here, so out the door I will go with my head held high. You definitely can't please everyone but thanks to the posts here, I can please me and not feel guilty for going about leaving the way I NEEDED too.

    No more stress because if the bridge is burnt, they did it to themselves because they too have let individuals go the day of notice, etc. I did my best and now will move on knowing that business is business and I will be in the right place for the right reasons and I WILL sleep at night.

  19. Well, the day is HERE!!!! I have enough time to go on maternity leave! Yeah! This is probably a better thing then I realize since I think my boss is selling the company and we are all going to be out of work anyway. I am ECSTATIC to leave. Being a payable clerk when all your vendors have you on credit hold because your boss refuses to pay bills is VERY unpleasant. I feel like such a scumbag at this job. Not to mention the fact that when (just after my probation was up) and I told my boss I was pregnant, he told me straight to my face he'd have fired me if I'd told him 3 days before (when I was still on probation). Nice. Even if you THINK that about pregnant employees, you probably shouldn't SAY it to their faces. He has been just awful since I told him, but who cares? I only have a few more weeks on my notice period and he will probably close the office before then. Merry Christmas to ALL!!!! 🙂

  20. There is nothing so transcendent as finding the opportunity to leave your horrible, soul-destroying,job due to health reasons, collect insurance pay for your condition, leave about 4 weeks worth of work for your mean, clueless boss to handle (thus DESTROYING their holiday) and give 1 hour notice from a hospital bed for the whole thing. The exquisite sweetness of that legal office revenge will linger years after the medical leave is up. If I was not so sure of recovery, I would worry about the the choir voices of the Hallelujah chorus in my head. Sometimes bad things happen to bad people. Thank you Karma. The metaphysical crotch-kicking provided to said bad person is the best present I could have hoped for. It is true what they say, the best gifts are the ones that don't cost a penny.

  21. I am quitting my job without notice today as well. I work as a casino dealer during the night shift. The job has emotionally and physically drained me due to the stress I endure from it. The players there are very rude and swear at the dealers all the time. All of this for minimum wage (low tips) is not worth it. The casino has too many dealers to schedule anyways since they always close tables leaving the dealers with nowhere to go. I have to stand there at this incredibly boring job for 8 hours without even being able to turn my head around because we need to guard the table. Being a casino dealer is one of the worst jobs out there because you have to listen to players complain and yell at you while you are not allowed to talk back without being reported for lack of professionalism. Dealers aren't even treated as human beings where I work because players abuse them whenever they want to and see us as their natural enemy. It's a ridiculous job where negativity is rampant and I'm just tired of it all. I don't care if I can't pay off my student loans for my worthless college degree and end up with bad credit.

  22. I worked for this company for over 5 years and most recently got promoted to a job which I thought was a great fit for me. The job has since been restructured and I ended up reporting to a new boss who micromanaged me too much. Out of the four months that I was supposed to be in this role, I was off for 7 weeks (sick time and vacation time combined). I was literally dragging my feet to go to work. Finally made my mind to quit and gave two weeks notice. I thought they would turn around and just pay me my two weeks notice and let me go. But three days after I quit, I was still working there. So I emailed my boss saying which company I will be working for, a day after the email, she went to my desk, and advised me that I can leave early. Although I was happy that I was paid and not have to work for the notice time I gave, I also felt unwanted on the job.

    I think, overall, we want to matter and be recognized for the job we do.The feeling of breaking free is great but also leaves a paranoia of being blamed and be thrown under the bus.

    Hang in there and God bless us all.

  23. Am on my way to quit my job – am an intern – so shouldn't b a big deal – this gave me inspiration! thanks a lot!

    I'm too awesome for my current job, have a better one waiting for me come Feb 1st – yay !! 😛

  24. Employers don't give you notice when they let you go. Why should employees be expected to do differently…?
    I'm leaving a job of 17 years (to run my already established business full time) I will not be leaving notice. Just my keys and tools. My manager will never hear from me again. I'll work out all the benefits transfers, etc with the HR department.

    1. Hi I was made redundant over 2 years ago. I was unemployed for a while then got ajob which I have now been in for nearly 2 years but I want to work nearer to home (my last job was 10mins from home and I loved my last job). I have had interviews but no success and feel trapped. I want to quit but OH said don’t I dare! I know it’s sensible to ensure one has another job first but feel this is old fashioned for the world we live in now. Giving notice should be an option not a necessity as if you are being laid off employers don’t give you notice.

  25. The first job I had was when I learned my lesson that if you are going to quit then don't tell them the day before. I worked for Missouri Rug Cleaners back in the summer of 2006 I could only lift so much, and on my second week I lifted a rug that was heavy enough I could feel my insides shift so I told them that tomorrow will be my last day. I was treated horribly throughout that last day and I'm sure one of them wanted to punch me.

    The second job I had was right after the first one in 2006. I was a bit inmature back then being fresh out of high school and under a lot of stress at home. And so I had fun quiting my 1 month long job at Burger King.

    All went well for a while and about a year into college I got into debt of which sent me through 5 more jobs both out of stress and my own inmaturity.

    I grabbed a part-time job at Bass Pro and would basicaly work as a paid volunteer for extra help with special activities. Later that year in October of 2007 I snagged a full time job at a McDonald's. I quit that McDonald's twice. The first time was a ploy to get this very angry person fired that would cuss all the time and never get written up for it. At which I was set to go full time at Bass Pro and then canceled it since I had more leeway at the McDonald's with that negative person gone.

    However the second time I was just plain fed up with it and quit that McDonald's on the second to last day of my two week notice. I left right on my break because one of the managers decided to let me have and later I decided I deserved it since I wasn't the best employee.

    Then as time went on I was paying my motorcycle off that I got in 2008 by donating plasma and with my part-time job at Bass Pro until there was a turkey give-away for the employees and one of the managers that I turned down the previous employment 'upgrade' to got me fired by the end of the year without following the three manager agreement rule.

    Leading me to Feburaury of 2009 while I was paying my bike off I needed more income. So in desparation of next to no money I grabbed another job at another McDonald's to help out for a bit. It was fun quiting without notice on this occassion. I worked at this McDonald's until mid October and was bad mouthed and treated like the scum of the earth. So I just up and quit. They still owe me a hundred bucks because I know I would retaliate if I ever went back for it. (Its been 2 and a half years and still not reported as missing property.)

    But all was good as during the last months I had begun an interview process at Kraft there I lasted three whole months. And would have loved to stay longer. However this time around I only had the support of two co-workers and the rest rushed me out the door no matter what I did. Truly my first unwinnable battle that I wanted to win. But perhaps it worked out for the best.

    Because soon after I lost that job, my mom lent a helping hand to help pay my bike off and help me go to college. And So I grabbed a job at the census bureau and worked until no further work was available throughout the course of March through August of 2010.

    I have been a college student since and have started over on my gpa in 2010 hoping for a graduation in 2014. Better late than never. But at this point in May of 2011 I am hoping that I can get another job of some sort that I can keep for at least a year. Especially now that I am more mature and not burdened with stress.

  26. I worked for a major corporation a few weeks ago. Most of the people at the corporation did not have degrees or only possessed associate's degrees and a few had Bachelor's degrees. I have a Bachelor's and a Master's degree and I was technically 'overqualified' for the job. Yet, I met some great workers and friends while I was at the job. I grew to love the job and it didn't matter that I was 'overqualified'. I was happy to work at a nice job and make friends.

    Over the time I was there, they began to give me more and more responsibility. I eventually had to do more work than any of the other workers in the branch. I was okay with this, but I did find out that the other workers were making much more than me while I was scrapping to make 'ends' meet. I also had to work 14 hour shifts while others did not or made excuses to leave if they had to do so. I always tied up everyone's loose ends, including my immediate supervisor, who did not have a college degree and constantly gave me bad advice about how to handle things on the job.

    This supervisor continued to make things harder for me, more and more. On two occasions, I tried to talk to her and find out if there was anything that I could do to help the relationship and I told her my concerns. She replied in a very childish manner and said that she was too busy to answer my 'childish questions' or 'babysit me'. Immediately afterward, she gave me more bad advice and when I followed it, I ended up in trouble. She did not help me out of the trouble and I had to compromise considerably to fix the situation. As usual, she took the credit for fixing it, just as she had always taken the credit for any of my achievements.

    Eventually, her boss began to notice my work ethic and he called me into his office and said that he wanted to give me a big raise and that if I continued to do well, he would proceed. I profusely thanked him and executed my work with even more motivation and I gradually became his 'secretary' – not in name, but in duties. Over the next few weeks, the supervisor that treated me badly kept having meetings with her boss, who was treating me very well. Because of the proximity to their office, I could constantly hear her mentioning my name, etc. and him trying to defend me. He began to treat me not as well, although he was still polite for the most part. However, he stopped talking about giving me a raise and began to allow another worker to 'run over' me and accuse me of things that I didn't do. I talked to both supervisors about this on several occasions, but they did not take it seriously at all. He constantly gave raises and promotions to other workers, many of who had no college degrees at all. I was the only worker with a Master's degree, but I continued to receive near minimum wage pay. Yet, they both began to pile work on to me, more than the other workers and I was told that a raise would not likely happen for me… They continued to use my knowledge and the immediate supervisor continued to take credit for my work, yet, a raise wouldn't happen and I was struggling with payments and the accusations at work.

    Finally, the mean worker accused me of an offense that could get me fired. I told the supervisors, but they didn't do anything so I panicked and quit on the spot. (The mean worker was also telling lies about me to other supervisors, so it is a SURETY that I was going to get fired.)

    After I left, I was informed that the company is trying to put out bad references on me to prevent me from ever having a job. I was also told that three people had to be hired to do my job. The company is pretty much saying that I was a bad worker who didn't do as I was told, etc.

    The company had a habit of firing anyone who gave two weeks notice or treating them very badly…

  27. No one can spread untruths about an individual. That sort of thing is worth talking with an attorney about – there is usually no charge for a consultation of this type.

    It is truly amazing that so many scum-of-the-earth are rewarded and kept in jobs, while other good workers get the heat.

  28. I am currently sitting at work, not doing what i am supposed to be doing yes i Know. I am tempted to leave my key card and office keys right at my desk and walk out leave a letter of immediate regsignation on the desk. I have been physically ill since starting this job. The doctor I work for has such a busy practice and he has a 21yr old runing it basically for him. I feel like a glorified babysitter. How should I go about quitting. I also get paid today…Do i wait for my pay check then quit or just get up and go now…I'm still within my 6 month probation period the thing is, i feel terrible for leaving him with patients for the afternoon and not having a secretary.

  29. I just quit my job actually this morning and I feel kinda bad but im relieved. I have been blessed to land another position, its paying a little less, but to be honest I don't give a bleep. I got fed up with having to work myself like a pencil because of a lack of staff. The stress I was under was unbelievable and I was on the brink of a breakdown and all for 7 bucks and seventy five cents at a retail store. No way! I didn't even call or give notice of my not coming back and I don't care. They will never hear from me again and THANK YOU GOD.

  30. I was working in agreat job for the last eight years and than the hospital decided to give us 70 days notice that it was closing. In a scramble to find a job I accepted the first one that was offered to me that met my requirements. I asked all the right questions in the interview and was told that they would accomodate all my scheduling needs. My first day on the job the manager would not even shake my hand. She did not say one word to me the whole day or ask if she could help me with anything or if I needed anything. I was given a permanent schedule even though I had 2 weeks left of orientation. My schedule was completely incompatable with my husbands schedule. It had me working 11 out of 12 nights that my husband also was working. I went in the second day of orientation and again the manager did not aknowledge my presence. I deceided to ask some co-workers about how approachable she was with the schedule. They told me that she is not. I decided to ask her about the possibility of changing my days around and she said there was nothing that she could do but I could talk to another manager and try to switch with people in the future. I went home that evening and sent a resignation letter, and left a message on the managers voice mail. It seems now i am labled having left my position without notification and am unable to get a job within that organozation.

  31. I, too, am in the quandary of telling or not telling. My "new" boss “needed me yesterday”.
    I need to work until Tuesday so I can get my full last check and bounce out by Wed..
    I’m going to compose a very nice email letting my manager know that I have found something that better fits my family’s needs and I apologize for leaving so abruptly but if I gave 2 weeks notice, I’d have missed out on the opportunity. (This is not total bull but is semantics as I could have given about 5 days notice and that’d have been it before missing out on this opportunity.)
    If I gave notice, I’d have been a victim of drama and I have never not given notice but this time, well, it was necessary for self protective reasons.
    The place is full of backbiting and there has been a turnover of 9 people in my position over the last year! (There are only 3 of us working in our position with only 2 of us on call at a time.) The new manager (my immediate boss) is getting slaughtered behind her back. I feel bad not telling her but I know that she'll be moving on one day in the near future.
    I want to tell her. It is inevitable as I see it. Either she’ll do as I did and leave or they’ll abruptly fire her.
    She doesn't know how bad it is for her but I don't want to get caught up in the drama by telling her. It is a shame. (Sigh.) I just started there 2 weeks ago and it is a hard job, paid terrible pay with extremely high expectations, working with 2 other ladies (and our manager) in the front.
    The clients consistently remark, “Ohhhh. Another new girl!?” which doesn’t feel or look great at 41.
    The manager, and the one lady who is in our position who is the sole survivor after a year, cannot stand each other. Every day the staff in the back bite office bite the manager in her back all day long with this lady in the front and I am so grateful I have a fresh start on Thurs…
    I am sick with the flu and working through it until I get paid Wed., getting my hair done and having a day to decompress before starting a new job. (NO PAID TIME OFF. NO SICK DAYS OR PAID HOLIDAYS. EVER. NOT EVEN AFTER A YEAR.)
    It is what it is. I debated giving notice but I think the owner'd fire me right away and I KNOW I'd be the "other" victim of the backbiting.
    So in the mean time, I go in, work hard while wearing a smile though sick, and act professional. When I see/hear the drama, inside I sigh a sigh of relief knowing my days there are numbered.

  32. I have quit w/out notice and I plan on quitting the place that I am at the same way, my manager tells me off constantly and I cant take this.

    So I am job hunting and will turn in my keys!!

  33. I plan on quitting my job as soon as possible. I dont want to give notices, i just want to leave my ID, Blackberry and whatever else the company gave me, on my desk and walk out. I get nasty emails from the head executives all the time. For things that are not even my fault. My manager asks me to do something, and assumes i already know how to do it. Then when i ask questions, he blows his breath and gets annoyed. The job interview was a little misleading. To top it off, im bored out of my mind.

  34. Ahhhh, just gotta love a six year old posting that keeps getting comments. So here is mine;

    Typically (were talking bad employment here) there is no need to be concerned about burning bridges. You’re quitting will not be viewed as an act that merits respect.

    Think about it!

    Granting two week notice shows fear because your walking on egg shells trying to avoid confrontation. The animal instinct will be to go in for the kill now that your at your quitting point. Two weeks is more than enough time to really crush the spirit.

    Why even play into it?

    Announcing your departure to a tyrant and then kindly sticking around is just plain goofy.

    Had enough of the “boss man” crap? Make an escape plan and say nothing since you don’t want to call attention to it. Quietly remove your stuff in preparation. Final departure on Friday is good for obvious reasons.

    Quitting a toxic job is survival, not diplomacy. No letter with your reasoning, no formal statement. Let the last effort you give be a smoothly executed escape.

    And of course, never look back – I wish you all a safe disconnect.

  35. I quit before they escorted me out. i should check it out before handing 2-week-resign notice. next time i just grab all my personal belonging,leave my key on my desk and walk away. somehow employment “at will” is a good thing. to whoever posted on this thread, don’t feel guilty when you quit,just leave and enjoy your new start. never ever look back

  36. I have had bad luck with employment over the last three years. My previous employer was verbally abusive and treated me like an uneducated idiot on a day to day basis. I saw too many laws get broken and I was emotionally drained by the end of the morning… it was hard making it through the day.

    My current job is much like the previous one. My boss loves to micromanage everyone, and give “training” on subjects he knows nothing about. He is silly enough to take “advice” from online competitors, and when things don’t go his way with their advice, I get the heat.

    For the past two months I have been diligently job searching, and have finally found something new. They want me to start next week, and I am not putting in a two week notice. I’ll tell my boss on Friday, otherwise he’d fire me on the spot. I’m nervous about telling him, but I don’t feel guilty at all. He made too many empty promises and has refused to give me a raise because he’s cheap.

    It has been tense for months and the women around this office have been giving me the cold shoulder. To make it worse, a few already know I’m quitting and are biting my head off for leaving. I don’t want this hell hole any more.

  37. I work for the US Army as a civilian and i’m not American either. I have been here a long time and every year I am told, no pay increase for you, but, here is more work for your already overloaded day. My other colleagues get downtime, I always here them hanging out chatting, laughing, generally dicking around. My manager cant go 5 mins without being attached to her cell phone and yet my CPT feels the need to put more work on me. Hello…. i’m not the only person working here you know.

    Why is it, those with a poor work ethic and lazy attitude sail through the day and yet me, with an excellent work ethic, keeps getting shit on. I complained to my old Commander, he just tried blowing smoke up my butt, he had no back bone. My new commander probably doesn’t care either. They only seem interested if your in uniform, but I bet if I started and Equal Opportunities compliant he would have no option but to deal with it.

    We get 30 mins for lunch, well i do, the others clock out for 30 mins but take an hour, that’s if they clock out at all. It’s one rule for us and one rule for you. Are you sure this isn’t discrimination…

    I am so tempted to hang out late after work on a Friday, write my termination letter, chop up my id card and leave my keys on her desk. I know financially it’s not the smartest way to go, but I am sick of being treated with a different set of rules. It’s a shame as I am good at what I do and get emails, letters, gifts every week from my clients because they love the service I give. This kind of crap wouldn’t fly back home so why should it be ok here. I am beyond pissed off, but glad this thread is still going after all this time.

  38. Hey Tilly know what you mean. I work at a Canadian Tire here in TO and the only way you can get ahead here or get away with things is if you kiss ass, because the General Manager is the biggest ass kisser there is. So if you are an ass kisser you get one set of rules. The others who will not lower themselves to that level get another set. Of course the GM likes those who kisses his ass So there is this lower manager who kisses his ass, she even told someone what she was planning to do. She is the laziest person there. They have to bring more people in to do her work so she could spend her time upstair playing the GM. Guess what happens the GM gives her a raise last year…to thank her for playing him. Well she doesn’t spend all her time upstairs now but still some because there is still this year. For those who do work they want them to work harder and they don’t get a raise.

    The GM’s favorite saying to me is well I do the orders. Like I don’t do anything. He’s a bully, but not in front of the owner, of course.

    I would love to walk out then they would find out all the stuff I do because there would be no one there to do it.
    Seriously thinking about it. know what they say about karma.

  39. I am nervous and tired all the time employees are treated like crap I had to train my Manager who has the power to write me up . He comes in late and nothing is said his boss ALWAYS covers for him. HR has been contacted and no word from them about this situation I am so unhappy . I been sick and can’t seem to get any better I think job stress has a lot to do with it. My manager makes mistakes and it is fine my other co-worker and I are always faced with his bipolar mood swings . Fed up.

  40. I just quit with no notice, the stress for me was unbearable. First company A signs a contract with Company B for consulting services, and after being with A for over 5 years they “give” me to company B as part of their deal. I always had good reviews, and they (A) told me I was chosen to go to B based on my knowledge. I knew the others on my team had more knowledge so this was a lie. But, I decided to give B a try just to maintain the paycheck deposit. Money isn’t everything, however. Turns out my new manager was a real d__k and coworkers from B were what I call “backstabbers” . I am fortunate that my husband is behind me on this, and I can get health insurance with him. Anyone is replaceable, so I know
    my leaving harmed neither company and my only intention was what is best for my health, not to cause any problems for the companies. They will have to put some extra work on someone for a short time. I am free it almost felt like slavery.

  41. I started a job as a checkout operator, and 2 weeks in, I can’t handle it.

    I’m not cut out to be doing customer service. I dislike standing on my feet for hours beeping items, dealing with annoying customers and struggling to remember different things.

    I had work the same day I quit. I phoned up my boss, left a message because she wasn’t there and just didn’t show up to work. Still yet to hear back from her, but I assume after 3 days I will be fired.

  42. I’ve been at my current job for about a year and 7 months. I hate it. From the day I was hired (until now) it has been lies to my face and false promises, one right after the other. I was told this company was innovative, a place where professionals could learn and grow, where upward mobility was achievable by anyone who worked hard. And I believed it. As a newly minted college graduate, I was eager to work and full of optimism about the future (sign me up because this job seemed like a dream!). Unfortunately, this job turned out to be one of the worst I could possibly get, and this was told to me by coworkers who have been here for years.

    The first couple months went smoothly, I was introduced to everybody and was welcome with open and warm arms. However, as time went on and I became more of a “regular” employee, I learned that the warmth I was greeted with was all an act. The HR lady sure knew how to sell this piece of crap company. I started learning: that there was future in this company; that the turn over rate was unusually high; that this company liked to hire, exploit, and overwork new graduates while paying them below competitive (like barely above minimum wage) salaries; that if I tried to have a voice, it would be snuffed out immediately.

    Despite all of this, I continued working because I needed the experience. I decided that this job would be a means to an end — a platform to help me get to where I really want to go.

    This fall, I decided to go back to graduate school, part-time. I did not mention this to my employer and I enrolled in online and night courses. Things were going well, until I took a few half-days using my PTO… The HR began to question why I took these half-days. I was honest and told her it was because I was going back to school and needed those few hours off to meet with my professors… and bleep hit the fan after this reveal. Suddenly, my going back to school affected the whole global company, it affected production, it affected other departments, it affected everyone. And the approved use of my PTO was unfair to every other employee. I was flabbergasted. When I question her, she informed me that these were the rules and that I am no longer allowed to use my PTO under any circumstances except family emergencies. She also requires me to give her a detailed schedule of my classes, which needs to be approved by uppermanagement if it is ok for me to take them or not. What?

    My supervisor, the wimp that he is, began enforcing these unreasonable rules against me because he is too afraid to say or do otherwise. He has even gone so far as to give me low remarks on my evaluations, despite my constant working while a coworker of mine blatantly sleeps at his desk.

    At this point, I’m tired and I just want to walk right out of this place. I don’t have it in me to fight as much as I have. I’ve fought against this treatment, but it’s to no avail. Such high and unfair restrictions have been placed upon me, and it seems there is nothing I can do about it. I can’t use my hard earned PTO, the promises that were made to me have either been broken of haven’t come to fruition (and probably never will), and (the most upsetting) I have to get permission(!!!) to take classes, which is on my own damn time.

    I desperately want to quit, and without notice, and I’m on the precipice of doing that in the near future. At least if I quit, I will still have school and my graduate stipend that will eventually start kicking in. *Le sigh.

  43. I’m really tempted to leave without notice. I’ve been working for a small company for a year, hired *as* a supervisor for the second shift start up. That lasted 8 months, I came back to days and was doing projects and things. The first shift supervisor quit and went on to another job so then I took over. Now two days ago I was brought into the office of the plant manager with our new on site staffing rep (everyone but office people and maint in this place is through a temp service and 99.9% Hispanic) and another guy whose name I gave them as being a good candidate for supervisor for second shift. The plant manger says that second shift will be starting soon, this Hispanic fellow has been promoted and will be the new first shift supervisor. Yes, I am white. I was a bit stunned but shouldn’t have been. Everything this guy does at this place is crap. I was really mad and when I was told yesterday that a week from Monday second shift is going to start again, I came home thinking that I will give my notice on Monday. Sadly though I cant afford to be without a job. I don’t know what to do. I know what I want to do but I have to eat and bills have to be paid.

    1. You sound racist. How can I tell? Because the word “Hispanic” didn’t need to be mentioned at all in your story for it to have weight. And it adds nothing but your own prejudice. Maybe you’re not as great at your job as you think you are, or maybe bilingual-Spanish is a necessary skill for the job you were moved into at the last minute. It’s good that you weren’t made to be in charge of a group of other people for which your only descriptor is “99% Hispanic.”

  44. I’ve been with my company for more than 1.5 years. I hated it since day one. The job was not explained to me well at all. First week of working there was terrible. Was on phone 24/7 selling and collecting loans. My manager was so mean! then she got demoted and quit. Got a new manager who was nice but that didn’t change fact I hated the job. I lived in a small town it was impossible to get a job elsewhere. Got promoted to a bigger town to manage an office. Been here for around 7 months. I’ve been applying to jobs in Texas but living here in Louisiana it’s hard getting jobs out of state. I still hate my job, interest is too high on loans and I don’t feel like I’m helping people but putting them in major debt. I’ve saved a lot of money and have decided to pack my bags next month and move to Dallas jobless. I’m confident I’ll get a job in a month..w/e type of job temporary as long as bills are paid then hopefully get a job in my graduated field. I WILL not leave two week notice since I know I’ll be fired. I’ll just quit with an email in the morning and not show up next day or ever!!

  45. I quit about 7 months ago to a job that had gone downhill really fast. I was at a company doing a great job and had lots of compliments from supervisors etc…about work performance. I was given appropriate raises as needed. My company decided to shuffle management in our business. The company has always had a Service Dept vs Construction Dept mentality. I was in the Service Dept. So they shuffled management and put someone from Construction in charge of everything. He started out by basically dismantling the service dept. They sent my supervisor packing bullying him out of his position to usurp more powers to construction personnel. So all of a sudden I ended up being the last person in my office representing the entire dept. Had all the weight for the companies region on my shoulders and they rode me like a dog. I was so miserable about the lack of guidance and help I needed to succeed that I felt I was being set up. Prior to me entering the service dept multiple employees hired there had quit due to issues they experienced dealing with construction personnel. My new manager was constantly ridiculing me and making me appear useless in the company. I got fed up with this and saw no reason to work a notice. I felt that due to the amount of stress and the amount of retaliation I would experience it would not make working a notice beneficial. I wrote the owners of the company that I quit without notice for that reason. Following me quitting 3 other employees in a small office of like 15 quit working for this jerk. I left this job and am now so happy about where I am working that I would recommend it to anyone. Especially if your employer has a history of just firing you after giving a notice. I milked them for every last penny and feel it was justified. Besides I will just highlight unsafe working conditions if anyone asks about why I never gave them notice.

  46. I’ve walked off a job before and so have many others I know. Some work environments are abusive, hostile, psychologically damaging or a person may simply have an emergency where they have to quit.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about a “reference”. All of the companies I have worked for use the Work Number and they forbid anyone, even managers, to even give references out of fear of legal liability. My mother has a business license and she checks the references of friends/family all the time and in most southern states you can legally record the calls if you are taking part in them. Employers simply don’t do business like that now (by giving references). The only info they will give are your dates of employment and your position. They may give your salary if you give permission for that. However, even if you give full permission on the form your new job requires you to sign authorizing your employer to give anything other than your title and length of employment the companies “still” won’t give that out.

    A guy sued his company a few years ago for defamation and WON $2 million dollars because he had a difficult time finding a job and hired a private investigator to call his previous employer. The investigator taped the phone call and the employer was giving out info that could not be proven to be true. So much of employment situations regarding why a person left or the kind of employee a person was operates in a “grey” area of the law. It’s a matter of “personal opinion”. Even though many southern states have passed laws to shield employers from lawsuits many employers are still losing in court for defamation and libel when the facts of a person’s employment and reasons for separation (or regarding separation) are disputed and ultimately comes down to he said and she said.

    So I don’t think anyone has anything to worry about. Companies are putting their own protection first and won’t get involved in “he said, she said” for fear of being sued.

    Last, I don’t agree with the ideology that one should be “afraid” to walk off a job. Either party can terminate the agreement “AT ANY TIME”. It’s an antiquated “Fear tactic” pushed by the business community to keep people in their seats to accommodate the company. However, if the company suddenly decided to part ways with you they wouldn’t afford most employees a “Two week” notice. There would be a supervisor standing at the desk.

    People for GOODNESS SAKE let’s come into the 21st century already. The Business community has everyone so doggone scared of everything. Americans are “FREE PEOPLE” remember?

  47. I know it is fashionable to hate your employer and to find reasons to leave without notice, but there are two sides here. As a good employer: we give full benefits, with excellent coverage, at 90 days, 80 hours of flextime, 88 hours of paid holiday, bonuses, and frequent free lunches. We are a low stress workplace, that allows the staff to self direct the work they are designated without supervisors hanging over them and we still get quit without notices. It comes down to this, some employees don’t care about their company and have no honor when it comes time to move on. They need to define this dishonor by finding excuses of why they left without notice. We absolutely understand when a individual decides on leaving. We support their decision. Leaving without notice under good circumstances is wrong and it happens just as often as leaving when your job environment is horrible.

  48. I am about to leave without notice next week. I start my new job shortly after. After all that I have been through I don’t owe the company anything. I brought a 6 person department down to 2 (my old boss and myself). My boss left for chemo and he was gone for 2 months, I was the only one holding up the fort. Then they blindside me and hire this manager with no experience whatsoever and she happens to be stupid too. I have complained to upper management about her several times and guess what, she’s still here. I didn’t complain just to complain, she is a mean son of a gun! She even makes this one girl in the office cry at least once a week. She is a mirco-manager and not one single soul likes her here, even the owner, but for whatever reason the CFO keeps her around. I can go on and on about her incompetence and her mistakes, but I will move on. I am walking out, signing my papers and getting the heck out of this place as soon as I can.

  49. I’ve been working at a job for about four months. Everything they promised me in the interview hasn’t happened yet. They constantly change my schedule without notice. I put my two weeks in on Monday but honestly thinking about quitting tomorrow. I have a full time job and things are moving very fast and they want me to start on Monday. Is it okay to quit a job after giving a two week notice?

  50. I am sitting here going through a tough time. I have been offered a job starting 2 Feb. I am conflicted about giving 1 week’s notice since my contract clearly states that i am to give 30 days notice. In the 2 years I have worked i have received 2 raises only. I really don’t like complaining but last year I was given a choice between a bonus pay and a raise this year. Since i chose the bonus, I am not getting a raise this and will most likely be changed to commission based pay structure.
    I am loyal and feel guilty, but where i am going i will be paid more than double my current salary.
    Am I being selfish?

  51. About six years ago I had a job that gave me the worse anxiety that I would drive to work hoping I would get hit by car, so that I can miss work. One day I came in to work took a car with a rude person yelling at me, I placed the call on hold and tried to cool off but I decided to log off the phone and leave. A coworker saw me and ask where I was going and I said I am out. Long story short month later there was family emergency and I used that as my cover for leaving the job. Now that I am unemployment due to layoff and I have had a few interviews and no bites and I am starting to wonder if this job is giving me a bad reference?

  52. My mental health has been affecting my physical health to the point where I can’t focus, i have heart palpitations sporadically, and I cant sit still for too long. Coming into work each day is soo hard for me so I want to quit. My boss knows what I am going through somewhat but doesn’t know that im thinking about quitting. Do I just call hr and send my boss an email? Im thinking about sending the email friday and saying thats it.

  53. I am going to quit tomorrow at the end of the shift. I already have a new job lined up for the end of the week. My job places so much work on us and never gives us our 10 minute breaks. We do a much higher volume of lab work than our first shift (who gets 2 thirty minute breaks), but they have more people. We’ve all complained to our shift supervisor and the the lab manager. Since then, management looks at me as a trouble-maker, even though I am a hard worker and get along great with my co-workers. They are all looking for new jobs, too.

    The stress is really affecting us all. I can barely sleep, I have heart palpitations, too. My mental health can’t take it.

    I’m just going to clock out and put my ID in an envelope to slide under her door. I’ll have a letter saying that I have resigned.

  54. Working at a restaurant for a year under foreign bosses is something I won’t ever do again… I work 6 days a week, 8 hours days. I don’t get paid over time, stat holidays, and no raises. I’m also the main server, and I don’t make tips. Boss lady gave me $10 once. Never seen a dime after that. I have been called “stupid” “ugly” talked about behind my back and embarrassed in front of customers. Every day I am stressed and straight up sad. I work from early morning to night, so I have no life. I want to go to school but my bosses laugh at my decisions. I put my one months notice in. They offered me money and less time. I agreed to keep going and suck it up. I never saw that money and still worked everyday.

    I didn’t smile for one day. I had some personal issues that sadly followed me to work(working all day, yeah it will follow you to work) For just this one day I was upset inside and out. The customers were still happy, they complimented my work and how much I made their day better with my kindness! I made them happy even though i wasn’t, I showed them the best customer service! But when I turned away I was back to being sad so I didn’t smile every second. I didn’t smile at my boss every second and they were so angry! Like yell at me in front of customers angry cause I just kept my head down and worked so I could be busy to forget the sadness. They threatened to write me up for being sad and rude to them. They said it doesn’t matter if the customers are happy, my bosses are more important.
    I gave my two weeks notice. And for the final days they are treating me like crap. I don’t want to keep going anymore. Seems like a waste of time. I never want to see them again….

  55. Well thanks to all these posts I got the courage to contact my supervisor and end my employment at my no longer current place of employment.
    I worked for the company for 2 years, and unlike many of the other CNAS, I showed up on time, ready to work and rarely called in. I picked up extra shifts, worked long hours without breaks or meals and just plain busted my a** for the greater good.
    In February I was diagnosed with RA, and because of the severe joint pain I was forced to call in on my weekend to work. All the doctors notes and everything couldnt save me from workin a 10 day stretch right after being released back to work, because they require you to work your weekend off if you call in on your weekend to work. I went three weeks without more than a day off at a time after that and when I talked to the charge nurse, they told me tough, we all have problems.
    To make matters worse for the last 7 months we’ve be very sevearly understaffed…. or maybe under scheduled is more like it, its so bad that literally, for a month, no one was ALLOWED to call in. We’ve been a skeleton crew even through high census, and they’ve even gone so far as to shedule only one of us and force people to work double shifts by threatening to charge them with abandonment should they just leave, and even tell them to just bring their kids to work with them should they not have anyone to watch them.
    This puts not only the nurses at risk for losing their licenses, but the residents at risk as well. Even worse is that they just keep doing it. Same schedule every month. No new hires and just about everyone on staff is fed up. Including me, they’ve lost 5 employees in a matter of weeks.
    It’s sad, and yes I do feel guilty but I already have a new job lined up with a better company and better pay, i just chose not to fulfill my 2 week notice.
    Nedless to say I can breathe easy now. Take my time looking for good daycare for my kids, since my new job will put me on the same shift as my husband, and recoup after working nearly a month straight and not having any real time off since January.

  56. I have been a professional in the medical field for over 20 years. I have never worked for a hospital (except one other) that has caused me any problems.

    I have given my two week notice and I am into week two. Suddenly I am getting an email from the lead tech regarding “stocking” and how it wasn’t done last week. Fortunately, I have over four witnesses. Three more days left to make it through.

    I had a conversation with a temporary employee who knew about some of my situation because this lead tech told him. He mentioned that he told her that she shouldn’t take it personally.

    She is NEW as a lead and young and I sincerely hope she doesn’t follow a path of underhanded methods.

    Tho I am absolutely positive that I will complete my two week notice, I don’t trust certain situations wherein I have to give this lead tech as a reference in order to be approved for residency in a new complex. Tho I know that it is against the law to give a reference, I also know that UNDERHANDED activities exist that people like this CAN and WILL get away with.

    I am thinking about being candid and letting someone in a stronger position know that I NOW have reason to distrust listing her name as my supervisor and fear that I will be turned down.

    Can anyone give suggestion as to a better way to handle it?

  57. i work at a resturant/bar, we get paid 9.20 an hour plus tips that get put into a pool and slip up upon all the employees and managers and we get these every 2 weeks when we get paid. I gave my 2 weeks notice to my manger and came to work the next day and everyone knew about it and treated me terribly because of it they all made annoying comments and some of them wouldn’t even talk to me anymore, i just felt exhausted working my butt off to be treated badly. So i didn’t show up to my last 3 days of work, one of these days is the day we get our tip money. Can my boss keep my tips from me because i am pretty sure they don’t plan on giving me my tips that i have earned. What should I do?

    1. Hide 80% of your tips( i used to work in a restaurant and see the waitstaff do this at the restroom)

  58. Well wel wel
    I was actually feeling bad on my decision to quit tomorrow without notice but come to think of it, I was sick for two days, my employer gave me my salary , it was short and i asked why,
    he said:We are not paying you for the two days you didnt come to work
    Me:(In my head i was thinking what about the sacrifices i make staying in and not going for my 1hr break or staying late to accommodate a client and yes weekends to accommodate client(did i ask for an extra money to be added to my monthly salary/)

  59. I just quit my job today without any notice. I had two jobs, one part time at Walmart (I used to be full time, been working there for over a year now) and another full time (why I cut my Walmart hours back) at a local business in town. And it was the worst two months of my entire life. My boss never paid me on time, EVER. Our paydays are supposed to be the 15th and 30th of each month, and my rent being due the 1st and my car payment the 15th so it all worked out well I thought. Except for when the lazy b**** didn’t bother to get payroll done until a day or two after, causing me to miss TWO car payments, and have to take out multiple payday loans (causing me to lose money) just to pay my bills on time so my credit isn’t destroyed. The job itself is absolutely soul crushing, beyond mundane and brainless, and I was expected to basically run the place, do the till, all of the cleaning, run the copy and fax centre in the back and price and put out an INSANE amount of stock, in the smallest store possibly literally there being no room at all to put anything, my boss is a crazy person who just keeps ordering more and more stuff like an episode of Hoarders, the stress and anxiety are just so much every day I am scared of having a mental breakdown! So I wrote her my resignation email, effective immediately, and now I have so much anxiety I want to throw up. Walmart gave me my full time hours back, and I won’t have to waste my youth (I’m only 20) working 70 plus hours a week. I feel relieved but still anxious. We are moving to a new town soon for my boyfriends promotion (and pay raise, woohoo!) and I honestly just can’t wait. I will never use that place as a reference as I’m simply transferring walmarts, and I have a solid and great reference from Walmart anyway if I decide to seek employment elsewhere. Follow your instincts, life is too damn short to waste it doing something that makes you want to drive off a cliff on your lunch break. Best of luck to you all!

  60. Last Friday I quit my job without notice. Mentally, I was completely drained. Emotionally, beaten down – anxious, even paranoid most times. My boss was a sociopath and management was completely plagued. There was sexual harassment from directors, racist “jokes” about my African american assistant (the rest of the office was white) My boss decided to fire my assistant without speaking to me about his performance, and I was then expected to do his job and mine – not to add another position that was absorbed. So 3 all together, with no pay raise – he said he had budget constraints meanwhile accounting is freaking out over personal charges he is making on company cards. He had a habit of firing people for no reason and also kicking out long time employees after giving their two weeks – he would just tell them to leave. I had one director constantly reporting me and there would be emergency meetings where i had to defend myself against baseless claims. It was exhausting and I was always very upset about get accused of things I never did. My boss never dealt with the harassment I faced, and he liked to dish it too. One day, I had enough – I couldn’t pretend that everything that was going on was cool and okay. I finally stuck up for myself. I sent him an email informing him today was my last day – he didn’t bother showing up that day – and then I just walked out. It felt great, and I felt like a huge weight has been lifted off of me. The only thing now is dealing with the uncertainty of finding a job. Working there though, I learned how to bust my ass and turn out proper work – so I know I will be fine. Don’t be scared to stick up for yourself!

  61. I recently quit a job at a call center — Customer Service Representative — due to the fact during training we had breaks, once we hit the call floor, my team and I were scheduled without breaks and the floor manager said if we were not scheduled a break we would not be getting one. This was an 8 hour work day scheduled. I decided to jump ship after that, no 2 weeks notice, no one day notice. I just don’t think it’s LEGAL to have people working 8 hours without any form of break while dealing with customer complaints.

  62. I just found this site, and love it that this thread is still going, so I thought I’d add a couple of stories where I WISH I had walked out without notice as it would have kept my self esteem intact 🙁

    First one was a retail job where I worked with a team of four nasty women who for some reason took a dislike to me. The fact that there was nearly always a staff wanted sign in the shop window should have tipped me off before I applied. I often got told off for things that were nothing to do with me, and even for not coming in to cover someone else on my day off because I *gasp* had made plans for the day. When they decided they’d had enough of me they tried to get me to quit by making up a load of lies about me – that I wasn’t pulling my weight, etc. They changed the rota when I wasn’t there and didn’t notify me that it had changed, so I got an angry ‘where are you?!’ phone call because I hadn’t turned up to work on a day I previously had off. One day we were very quiet so I spent some time tidying the stock room. When I came in the next day everything had been pulled off the shelves in the stock room and I was accused of hanging out in the stock room all day playing with my phone (I didn’t even have a mobile phone at the time) I was told I could either quit now, work my two weeks notice or work two weeks on probation and then they’d see. I wanted to walk out then and there SO MUCH but felt it would have been like admitting all the lies were true and they would have won. No way was I going to work my ass off for two weeks of high anxiety only to be fired anyway – and obviously i didn’t want to work there anymore so I worked two weeks notice. If something like this ever happened to me again though, I would walk out – but make sure I get the head office phone number first and tell them exactly why.

    The second time I SHOULD have walked out without notice was at the office job from hell. I lasted a month. It was a small business – my boss and my supervisor were engaged to be married, and the first thing they told me was to come to him is I had a problem with her, and vice versa – but not to try to play them off each other. Warning bells started around then.
    They knew what my background was in, and what I could do. But they barely trained me then seemed to expect me to know everything, becoming irate when they had to show me. She had a desk across from me but was SO nasty I became very anxious to even ask her things. She constantly criticized everything I did, even the way I spoke. I was frequently at the office long after I should have been trying to catch up on the piles of work because no one had shown me how to do things and just kept flinging more work at me.

    They had another occasional employee whose mother was unwell with cancer, so sometimes she couldn’t work when they asked her to. They were sickeningly nice to her face and then bad mouthed her in front of me about how ‘fucking useless’ she was. They also screamed at each other frequently. I decided the second one of them screamed or swore at me I would be out the door.

    By this point I was extremely anxious and exhausted. My social life had gone down the drain too. I decided to give my notice and actually worked it while looking for another job. They treated me like shit for those two weeks. I managed to get an afternoon off for a job interview and when I turned on my phone afterwards they had been calling me all they way through me interview. I got that job though, so I continued to ignore their calls all the way home too. I still had to work a few days there, and when I finally left I felt paranoid that they were going to start calling me up again. I actually ended up leaving my new job due to stress and anxiety brought on by that office job. Never again will I put up with a situation like that

    Sometimes it’s better to walk out and keep your dignity.

  63. Due to health issues, I’ve applied for 2 weeks leaves on 24.08.15 via mail to my boss. Later, my health condition worsened and I again asked for one month’s leaves (till 07.10.15). Also, I asked HR to share my leaves in hand so that I could submit the duly filled per forma accordingly. After so many follow ups, I was told that I’ll get to know about my leaves in hand only, when I’ll join back but they assured me that I’ll not lose any salary for that. In between, I got my promotion letter with revised CTC.
    My doctor suggested me to stay away from stress/work pressure, so I resigned from my job on 29.09.15 and could not serve one month’s leave period.

    It’s been more than 3 months; after so many follow ups for full n final and experience letter, they send me a legal notice to pay the outstanding amount in liue of the notice period without any explanation of the calculations. When I asked them about the details, I was told that the amount is equal to 1 month’s revised salary by just deducting 11.5 days (EL’s in hand) basic salary. They’ve not adjusted any leaves available (I was having 5 CL’s, 15 medical leaves, 11.5 EL’s). Since, then I was following up with them to adjust my leaves and send revised recovery amount. They had stopped responding. The last mail from HR office was, The amount is final from our side. For any further discussions contact your boss, if he approve the leaves.
    I’ve requested my boss and VC also to look into the matter many times but did not receive any response.

    The way they are harassing me, I am again getting depressed. Today, my husband (on my behalf) visited them, and they refused to adjust any leaves and asked him to pay the amount in order to get experience letter.

    I had decided to resign and not to serve one month’s notice period, as I was in depression and my physical condition was not ok. I wanted a peaceful reliving but it’s creating much more stress than that.

    Is it legal for an employer to harass ex-employees for experience letter.

    Please suggest what should I do? Should I complain against them or not?
    Where can I complain? Please tell if the question is not clear.

  64. I’m going to put in my notice today, resigning at the end of April. I have been working for this doctors practice for five years. In October they bring in his mother in law to be the practice manager. She knows nothing about working in a doctors rooms and I have to train her. I have to repeat basically everything, she is a very slow learner. She gets paid a higher salary than me, gets to come and go as she pleases and formally has Fridays off. I was sick, couldn’t talk, and took a Thursday off to give my voice a rest. All she asks is will I be OK by tomorrow (Friday) because she’s supposed to be off. My boss is constantly running late, I’m always having to apologize to patients that he’s late. He stresses and moans about little things. Complains to his mother about stupid things that he could have spoken to me about. He’s getting married in two weeks but oh well.

  65. I am going to be quitting tomorrow without notice. I have worked at some top fortune 500 companies but when my husband and I moved from cities life to country life to be with his family I started working from home and finishing my last year in college. I got tried of being at home and decided to look for a job outside the home. I landed a job at a practice. I was going for the phone rep but was put in a billing position unexpectedly when the billing specialist was fired. I have never worked in a billing position at a practice not to mention that practice is going through some difficult times with crisis everywhere in the office. I tried my best to worked the job and constantly informed my office manager that we need help but it fell on deaf ears. She interview several people but no one was hired. This last week cash was low. She jumped all over me telling me that I was so incompetent and that I lied in the interview. She did this for 7 days straight everyday she came in my office to belittled my intelligence. I was only going into a face to face work to get out of the house but oh how I missed my home jobs. Tomorrow I’m getting my belongs and leaving my resignation on my desk. I have only been there for 2 months not passed probation period yet I would give a two week notice at a respectful job but I can tell that I am going to be constantly belittled for those two weeks and she is not going to get cheap labor out of me. Come to find out I’m working one of the most stressful jobs getting paid less than close to average for the field. I’m out of there. I need my sanity for my last year of college.

  66. I left my job with immediate effect Oct 2015.
    My health and wellbeing was affected from all the pressure and extra work expected of me after my boss was sacked and the office admin girl left !.
    I was on 24hr call out 7days a week, no extra pay, doing the work of 3 people no extra pay and being expected to run the office and its staff with no help,training or concern.
    I used to cry and dread going into work and as I suffer from anxiety and had, had a heart attack 2yrs previously (which they knew !) I attended work , got too overwhelmed and resigned very regretfully by email and left that day.
    I didn’t hear anything from the company for a month and that was when I received a letter that I had to pay a months wages to them for the notice I didn’t work.
    Needless to say I did not pay and since then proceedings have been brought against me for breach of contract , mediation was unsuccessful and I will be going to court in 2 weeks time !!.

  67. First off I like to say to cheer and celebrate irresponsibility is strictly another way our society is declining. Have any of you ever run a business of your own? Do you understand the requirements that are put on the employer when said employee quits without notice. I have worked and owned businesses over the past 20 years. Yes, a few of may have had crappy bosses that is life. But quitting without notice effects the clients of the business, your fellow Co workers, the employers and the families of the following. Have you ever considered the effects of your decision. To use your new job can’t wait the two weeks is bs. If they want you they will wait and understand because they would appreciate the same respect upon leaving there employment. There is no winners in quitting without notice you burn a bridge or connection that may benefit you in the future and affect many lives in the process. I hope this will give some insight the next time either of you decide it’s alright to do so.. no its selfish. You have dealt with the bad boss thus far two weeks won’t hurt you. It may make you feel even better about yourself cause you did the right thing. Lastly in some cities you can be fined for doing so.

  68. I’m planning to file an immediate resignation. I have a few reasons to this. I am an HR Assistant employed to an HR consultancy firm and was assigned to a certain company. Everything was going smooth for the first months until I discovered that this company that I was assigned to is not compliant to DOLE standards, they have under minimum waged employees and they ask employees to sign fake regularization contracts as fronts if ever DOLE comes in and check. As an HR assistant my conscience couldn’t take it anymore. The the agency I am with decided to place my payroll to a different bank, this bank offers internet banking where you can do fund transfers and etc. I inquired to their customer service to enroll on their internet banking and I was surprised to find out that I already have an online profile. The agent was able to give my username only, I asked my agency if this is true but they only said that it was the bank who created the online profile and they would need to confirm first the password before they could give it to me, at this point I know that they are lying to me as they were also reluctant to give me my account no. I worked on this problem until I was able to confirm that the bank cannot create my so automatically its the agency who did it. I was able to get my online profile and change its password without their knowledge. I know that the incident on the internet banking profile alone is enough ground to file the resignation. Another incident happened after a few weeks, My supervisor handles the payroll for those employees who receives their salary bi-monthly and this is to be approved first by the accounting manager. She asked me if my supervisor already uploaded the payroll for her approval, I said I don’t know, ” I’ll ask her nalang po, then after po nun should I distribute the payslips?” to my surprise she answered me ” don’t give me stupid answers”. I’m really offended of what she said and I found out that my supervisor already texted her that the payroll has been already uploaded hours before she asked me. Gusto ko na talaga umalis nahihiya lang kasi ako sa supervisor ko na naka maternity leave, siya kasi nagturo sakin ng lahat, and I know they will charge me to pay the total amount they spent to my health card. Any advise?

  69. Dear sir,

    I have work almost work for 4.3 months in print media company in advertaiment department,my company not giving my full final amount from last seven month after walk-in in to office so many times and mailing to my company many time and even I gave one month notice period also.. And final they are telling me that dues are pending from the customer which i generate when I’m in job.please suggest what kind of step I have to take to get my complete full and final amount..



  70. Dear sir,

    I have work almost work for 4.3 months in print media company in advertaiment department,my company not giving my full final amount from last seven month after walk-in in to office so many times and mailing to my company many time and even I gave one month notice period also.. And final they are telling me that dues are pending from the customer which i generate when I’m in job.please suggest what kind of step I have to take to get my complete full and final amount..



  71. My boss ir rude and so are her 2 best friends that work their. She bitches me out on my days off via Facebook messenger. It’s a hostile work environment they leave the whole store floor for me to wash all the time. I am booked for surgery and she expected me to work the next day. I just want to not go back. She has told me numerous times that the district manager loves them and would never believe me.three against one.

  72. I know this is an absolute no, no by societies standards and frankly I don’t give a damn. HR Departments and Corporations and even the more loveable Mom n Pops for that matter do not determine or dictate my code of conduct or ethics. That being said, ironically, I am big on fairness. Although I will and have given 2 week notices (and longer) to former employers who have demonstrated decency and appreciation towards their staffI I do not, and will never feel compelled to offer a two-week notice to an employer out of sheer obligation, or because someone, somewhere (an employer) wrote the lopsided book that employees must extend this courtesy to their employers. I have never seen a boss tap someone on the shoulder and say, “Mary, this is a tough call but your work style and our company are not a good match, so we regret that we are going to let you go. But we do wish you the best of luck. BUT before you start crying and panicking we realize that you have three kids and a nasty cyst that requires expensive ointments…so we are extending you two weeks to continue earning pay while you get you affairs in order, sending off resumes, lining up interviews etc. Screw that. If they don’t have a back-up plan for these predictable and highly likely scenarios, be it cross-trained employees to cover for a bit or a temp agency or a willingness to buckle down and do it themselves for a few days, that is an internal problem. Not mine.

  73. I’m planning on quitting my job just by telling HR and leaving that day. I’ve only been at my job for very short period so it won’t go on my resume. The HR person seems like a psychopath so it won’t be fun dealing with them. It’s low pay, horrible benefits, horrible management, etc. I’m honestly scared to go in everyday as I sit in the parking lot. I have a feeling that they are going to give me a bad reference anyways. Wish me luck!!!

  74. I quit my retail job without notice yesterday and have been feeling an array of emotions since. I’m a graduate undertaking a post-grad. in another field, so this was purely a ‘job’ which is vastly separate from my career so there is no way my manager will have any impact on my long-term future.

    I quit for several reasons: a) I was overlooked for a promotion to part-time (which I needed to secure the hours I had been working), b) No matter how many times I told my manager I needed certain days off, she refused to comply (which was affecting my studies – I am in the last stressful weeks prior to submission) and c) It had become evident since my interview for promotion that my manager had been ‘gaslighting’ me.

    Whenever I would express issues at work, she would say things like ‘you care too much’ (WTF? What employer says that?). She showed absolutely no empathy after I had been overlooked for promotion, despite the fact she blatantly back-stabbed me in the interview in front of the regional manager, degrading me and making me appear inadequate – despite telling me to my face I was a perfect fit for the position and that she was impressed by my attention to detail.

    Despite my disappointment, I tried to stick it out – and I did for two months. Gradually I started feeling intimidated around her, and inexplicably, profoundly sad. My fiance started asking me to quit, as I have been so stressed that he could literally feel the strain I was experiencing around this ‘job’.

    After she decreased my responsibilities to the point that I hardly recognized my job anymore, she lectured me on how I seemed ‘lost and disengaged’. You think? After making me seek my own covers for shifts I cannot do and her reprimanding me for not knowing what my job even is anymore, I finally reached breaking point.

    While I feel bad for the team who have to cover for my sudden departure, and guilt over my fiance having to support us on one income, I feel lighter. My fiance actually says he is proud of me for taking the step and doesn’t mind supporting us, as I have been miserable, which makes him miserable. I’m very lucky to have someone so supportive.

    Today, I went to return my store key, and my manager just glared at me the whole time, despite my attempt to be nice. It was awfully awkward and only proved that I have made the right decision. I can now spend the next few weeks finishing my post-grad. and then find a new, hopefully better job until my fiance finishes uni and we can move abroad (as we’ve always dreamed) and commence working in our careers.

  75. Hello, I am so happy to run into this website. I have great work ethic, but now I am put in a situation that I want to leave and just give my notice by email. I started to work in an office (6 months) and had no idea how bad the nepotism is in this place. I was told to lie on the account coding for expense reports because I am holding up the sales people reimbursement checks. I said, no and now my job is threatened. Also, one of the salesperson is milking the company’s money and when I requested more information on the “no receipt” expenses, the RVP wanted me to make it up. ONce again, I said no. I sent an email requesting a breakdown of the description of charges.
    There is much more! This office is very toxic and when the RVP told me I have 6 weeks I was confused! He brought up the accounting codes, which he wanted me to lie about and brought up having a stack of mail at my desk! Another lie!
    I fear for retaliation if I give two weeks. If I get an offer from another job, I plan to wait until my drug test and background check goes through and get a start date and just quit. I don’t know if I should inform HR the reason I resigned and will not return.
    !. Being Asked to lie on the accounting codes
    2. RVP saying “Hi Hitler” in the office
    3. Making sexual innuendos in the office
    There is much more.
    Any thoughts?

  76. I will be quitting without notice. I have only been employed with my current company for 2 months, and I have accepted a new position already.

    I have given two weeks notice in other places of employment, even when it was uncomfortable to do so. I just do not want to deal with what I’ve witnessed coming from these supervisors when other people have left. Plus, I haven’t been given all of the things that I need to do my job 100% after asking and asking. I just don’t feel like I should be required to give the “courtesy” of two weeks notice when I haven’t been given the necessary resources or common courtesy as a human being.

    I’ll be fine with a short gap on my resume given my solid work history. It’s just sad to see that as professionals, we risk our sanity and health to anxiety and depression due to work related stress. I once stayed in a job and was in such a horrible state of anxiety and depression to where I physically couldn’t stand it. I did this to myself all for the sake of a resume. It’s not worth it and I vowed to never do it again. I can spot the signs a mile away now, so if a job isn’t for me, it isn’t for me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I won’t make a habit of walking away without notice. I have chosen to do this due to a few factors regarding this office. I will take up too much space listing my reasons. But yes, I will leave this place without notice, and I will be just fine. They will move on and find a replacement and go through this all over again with the next person if they don’t get their act together. If management hasn’t prepared themselves for constant turnover by training backups then at this point it’s none of my concern. I’ll move on and so will they.

  77. On October 1, 2007 I walked off a law firm job I was at for 3 1/2 years. I worked with coworkers, majority of the attorneys were great except the partner I was working with who had a drinking/family issues. I have since worked in a couple for firms that were great. Of course I got laid off due to the economy but I would do it again. Word of advice, if you do it, do not loo back.

  78. I quit today on Friday without telling anyone and just sent an email instead. The lady I was working with is in her 60’s, I will just call her A. She has been there for almost 25 years. When I first started she was nice and all since I only greeted her whenever she pass by. Now because one of the other coworker is taking a few weeks off to do surgery, A has to work with me for the time being. Since I was still a newbie, I have a lot to ask and to learn. After a few days of working with me, she would get annoyed every time I ask for help with something I don’t know and it was her job to show me/training. She’s also two faced , kissing up the higher up’s ass and those working there longer and treat the newbies like crap. Sooooo glad I just left and told nobody hahaha

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