Want to Work From Home? Here Are Tips from 5 Top Companies

Have you ever wondered what giants like Intel and Google do about telecommuting? Yahoo killed telecommuting and now look at them–sad and sold. Not even the facts will convince me that the banning of telecommuting was 100 percent responsible for this. (Just joking, people! I’m sure it contributed to the problem, but it wasn’t the only problem).

I searched around high and low and learned how companies successfully handle telecommuting. To read all about it click here: How 5 Top Businesses Help Employees Work from Home

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One thought on “Want to Work From Home? Here Are Tips from 5 Top Companies

  1. My company doesn’t really have a true work from home policy. Many of the IT departments have a policy that currently allows one day a week from home (with permission for more at times). We are moving to a new campus in which there are purposely fewer workstations than workers; WFH is going to be spread further, which some department heads will need to get used to. Hopefully, our infrastructure will be properly updated to support that strategy. Without that, I fear a big mess.

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