10 Life Lessons from Mr. Seaver

This has been a bad year, and now we lose another beloved celebrity, Alan Thicke, who had a heart attack while playing tennis, at age 69. While he’s best known for his role as Psychiatrist Dad Jason Seaver on Growing Pains, he had a brilliant career in other areas. For instance, he used to write them songs, including the ones for Diff’rent Strokes, The Facts of Life, and Wheel of Fortune. For the youngsters out there, he might be best known as Blurred Lines singer, Robin Thicke‘s father.

For me, though, he’s Mr. Seaver, and while I admit I was paying much more attention to son Mike (played by Kirk Cameron), and sympathizing with daughter Carol (played by Tracey Gold), I can say that overall Mr. Seaver was a good parent, and he has some wisdom for us. Here are 10 bits of wisdom gleaned from the archives of Growing Pains.

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6 thoughts on “10 Life Lessons from Mr. Seaver

  1. Perhaps writing from Switzerland you might not realize that Robin Thicke and Alan Thicke are not the same person. First clue would be that their first names are not the same. Then of course the fact that they both look different. Of course the 30 or so year gap in age also hints on that. Father/son yes, same person? Nope

    1. Ha, ha, oops. The father part was in my brain, but didn’t make it into the actual text.Thanks for catching it. I fixed it.

  2. And who could forget Alan Thicke in Thicke of the Night back in 1983. My college roomate and I would watch it on his 12″ black & white TV.

  3. Oops – he wasn’t playing tennis – he was playing hockey! He was Canadian, after all!

    1. The article I read said Tennis! But hockey wouldn’t surprise me. Either way, the message is don’t exercise.

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