Survey: Online Harassment Happens To Men and Women Equally

The Center for Innovative Public Health Research just came out with a new report: Online Harassment, Digital Abuse and Cyberstalking in America . Here are some of their findings:

  • 47 percent of internet users have experienced online harassment or abuse.
  • 36 percent have experienced direct harassment, which includes being threatened.
  • 30 percent have experienced an invasion of privacy, which includes being hacked, impersonated, or exposed online.
  • 17 percent have experienced a denial of access attack, through things such as “sending a very large number of unwanted messages, rendering the account unusable; misuse of reporting tools, sot hat the person is blocked from using a platform; and technical attacks.”

Overall, 72 percent of people have witnessed online harassment, which means there’s a good sized group of people who see this happening to others, but not to themselves.

To keep reading, click here: Survey: Online Harassment Happens To Men and Women Equally

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  1. this post is really very shocking. i can’t believe this. thank you so much for share this details. everyone should careful to use internet.that’s the most important thing.
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