The Best Office Secret Santa Idea Ever

Office holiday gift exchanges are designed to be fun, but in the end, you often end up buying something someone else doesn’t like, need, or want and receiving something you don’t like, need, or want. We keep doing it in the name of “fun.”

Many offices have adopted a “Secret Santa” game where all participants (and participation should always be voluntary) are assigned a co-worker and instructed not to tell that person who he or she is. Everyone buys a gift and everything is revealed at the end, and it’s great fun. Except, at the end you have a gift you really don’t want. (Unless it’s food, in which case you probably want it, but your middle could probably do without it.)

I stumbled across a much better version of this game. It comes from a friend of a friend who tried to track down the originator of her husband’s office tradition, but couldn’t. They gave me permission to share this fabulous idea. Here’s how it works.

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5 thoughts on “The Best Office Secret Santa Idea Ever

    1. Isn’t it? I just think of the stupid presents I’ve given and received over the years and think how it could have been super fabulous if we’d followed this model.

  1. We did this at our office years ago. LOVED it! Brought it with me to my new job too. Everyone has so much fun even when you go over the limit a bit, it’s still for a great cause!

  2. Our department does this each year. Soooo much fun and laughter, and a number of kids get some really great gifts. Glad to see this fabulous idea getting more airtime!

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