We just got back from vacation in Morocco. My husband took this picture. Yes, we actually saw goats climbing trees. It was like a life-long dream had been fulfilled when we saw this.

This has nothing to do with HR, but isn’t it the coolest thing ever?

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6 thoughts on “Goat Trees Are Totally Real

  1. Goat trees are awesome! Thanks for sharing the pic. I am on the lookout for the elusive money tree:)

  2. It’s one of the jokes in paleoecology. If you look at goat anatomy you would assume that they could not be arboreal; if you look at goats, you find that they sometimes are. A good lesson for a budding paleontologist, and one I’ve always tried to bear in mind.

  3. I love goats! The first time I saw a picture of the tree goats, my first thought was, “I hope no one tries to cross-breed these with the fainting goats!”

  4. I’d like to see a photo of a gaggle of HR managers and HR generalists climbing trees. That would be surreal.

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