If Job Applicants Treated Hiring Managers the Same Way Managers Treat Them

I’m currently on vacation, so I’m posting this oldie but goodie.

What would happen if job candidates treated you the way you treat them? You might be receiving letters such as this one?

Dear Hiring Manager,

Thank you so much for your interest in me for the position of Senior Technical Analyst for your company. Before we commence with the interview, you will need to do the following:

1. Fill out the application, You’ll find it at my website under the “potential employers tab.” It’s critical that you fill out all the fields, including your personal job history as well as the company’s history. Pay special attention to the government investigations tab. If you’ve ever lost a lawsuit or settled one, I need you to list the details.

2. Complete criminal background. Before I decide if I can work for you, I need to know what my potential coworkers have been up to. Please fill out the form and list all felony convictions. Please make special note, if I will be driving with anyone in the firm, I’ll need to see their driver’s history. This can be obtained by contacting your local Department of Motor Vehicles. (DMV)

To keep reading, click here: Think Your Interview Process Is Fair? Read This Letter.

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5 thoughts on “If Job Applicants Treated Hiring Managers the Same Way Managers Treat Them

    1. True, but if your “piper” is instead honking on a Vuvuzela, don’t be surprised it people opt not to dance.

  1. I’ve been known to interview people interviewing me. Done very subtly, the interviewer has no idea that I just took charge of the interview.

  2. So true!

    Also, an addendum to #1: After you fill out the application in my employer application web portal, also make sure to attach your resume that has precisely the same information.

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