Employee Self-Service Portal Implementation

Wouldn’t it be great if your employees could manage their own benefits and perks — things like health insurance and discounted movie tickets — with an employee self-service portal? Not only would it make HR’s job easier, but it makes the employees’ lives easier as well.

Setting Up Your Employee Self-Service Portal

You’ll need to work with your IT department or hire a consultant to set up the intranet part of your portal. This is a web page that only people within your company can reach. That way, random people aren’t signing up for perks your company pays for.

Your health insurance plan probably has a web page that allows people to manage their own health benefits, select doctors and apply for health savings account reimbursements. Make sure that page is connected to your intranet page.

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  1. If you outsource a lot of the HR functions just use the portal of the third party and save yourself the trouble.

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