Making Sure Your Compensation Is Fair

At both small businesses and large companies, employee compensation should always be top of mind. It’s crucial that organizations offer workers the best pay packages possible, since this can help with recruitment and retention as well as ensure that morale stays high.

Therefore, it’s important for companies to regularly evaluate compensation packages (to determine the best fit) and educate employees on their value. In this article, we’ll explain how organizations can know they’re offering salaries and benefits that are attractive to prospective team members—and fair to current ones—and adequately inform the workforce about offerings.

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2 thoughts on “Making Sure Your Compensation Is Fair

  1. This is a major issue too often overlooked. At my previous employer, wage offers for new hires increased after than raises for experienced employees. What’s worse, since raises were awarded on a percentage basis (3% of salary, for example) over time experienced employees fell further and further behind. Everyone knew about this and no one even tried to fix it.

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