Be Careful When you Choose your High-Potential Employees

When devoting resources to high-potential employees, it’s important to consider more than just their pedigree and ambition.

When trying to determine who their high-potential employees are, many businesses look for MBA graduates and those who are rising quickly through the ranks. These people can be fantastic for your organization.

When you devote all your resources to them, however, you run the risk of committing all of your training dollars to workers who are anxious to climb the career ladder and may jump ship. You need to make sure the people you invest in not only have the ability to learn more, but fit the culture of your organization, making them more likely to stay around.

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One thought on “Be Careful When you Choose your High-Potential Employees

  1. This all comes down to having significant clear communication of job expectation performance and career path with the company during the interview process, especially if you ( the employer) want to utilize this employee into a key position. Both people ( employee and employer) should have a clear understanding of this upfront. Also perhaps, having a contract of some kind, detailing the process of development and years expected to stay in this position, to eliminate sudden departure, plus leave room to rediscuss the job position and performance. (very similar to contracts made by unions for a group of workers or the way CEO’s are hired)

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