5 Steps to Solve all Your Problems and Make Gourmet Treats

“Hey everyone, I’m Claire, and I’m in the B.A. (Bon​ Appétit) test kitchen, and today I’m making…”

These aren’t the opening lines of every one of pastry chef Claire Saffitz’s super popular cooking videos, but she does include it (or slight variations) in every video. Claire (how she refers to herself–I had to Google to find out her last name), takes some popular food, and makes a gourmet version of it. 

It’s good, clean fun, and has made me consider possibly making my own Krispy Kreme donuts (too much work–I’d rather watch Claire), but it’s about far more than cooking; it’s about problem-solving. I don’t think Claire intended to make a management guide to problem-solving, but she did. Here’s how she does it.

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3 thoughts on “5 Steps to Solve all Your Problems and Make Gourmet Treats

  1. We went through a program at work in which the instructor insisted that 90% of solving a problem is getting agreement on a precise definition of the problem itself. It’s really rather amazing how often people go haring off with “This is the thing to do!” “No, THIS is what we must do!” without getting agreement on why something needs to be done at all. I might add, I wish politicians spent as much time identifying the problems they were solving as they do touting their solutions.

  2. Love this! I am going to share with my leadership development class this week.

    We watch Kids Baking Championship on Food Network with our 7 year old; my favorite thing about it is the problem-solving the kids have to go through. Great example for my kid.

  3. Fun post!! I agree, identifying the problem is the hardest part – that most people can’t do or get sidetracked or get wrong!

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