How Employee Resource Groups Help Workers Flourish

People are naturally gravitate to those who are similar to them — with similar tastes, styles and problems.

Employee resource groups (ERGs) bring people together to foster inclusivity and communication in the workplace. This is especially true for companies whose workforce represents a wide range of backgrounds and ages: ERGs are a way to connect people with similar struggles who might not otherwise ever speak to each other.

These groups can be a valuable investment of time and money if you’re looking to build employee relationships and keep morale high. Here’s how they work.

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One thought on “How Employee Resource Groups Help Workers Flourish

  1. Oddly, this is the second article I’ve read about my favorite youtube series (beyond It’s Alive, because Brad is hilarious) in the last week. The previous article compared Claire’s journey in every episode to the writing/creative process. I challenge folks who don’t view themselves as particularly creative to remember that creativity is essential to problem solving, even in a business setting. Sometimes we silo ourselves by limiting our abilities with cries of “Well, I’m not [a super funny pastry chef working for BA]!”. You don’t need to be.
    Fun article, Suzanne! Here’s hoping 2020 continues to bring us more fun from the BA test kitchen universe and from you 🙂

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