The Real HR Show: When to Tell an Exempt Employee No

It’s a continuation of our “Just Say No October.” Plus questions about ghosting candidates and why you can’t get away with firing old people. (Old meaning over 40.)

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3 thoughts on “The Real HR Show: When to Tell an Exempt Employee No

  1. Whoozza good puppy puppers! You are! You’re a good puppy puppers!

    Thanks for covering the Exempt topic. I work in a small business and I periodically go round and round with the boss about this and always end up sending them the same links to department of labor stuff. They’re super-busy, but seriously, we have this conversation a couple of times every year and they always acts like this is brand new information to them! I’m just thankful they concede that I am right (I’m always right–I know everything!) and we can move on. Until the next time.
    [I do like my job, I just work with many folks who have the attention span of a goldfish–oooh, look, a castle!]

  2. Along the lines of positions that are exempt, aren’t teachers automatically exempt even regardless of their salary? This is ridiculous and should not be an exception. Teachers deserve to make much more than they do.

    I believe there are also other positions that also exempt regardless of the salary.

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