How on Earth Is HR Supposed to Prepare for 2021? (3 Tips)

Neelie from AIHR: Can you write an article for us?
Me: Sure. Any topics?
Neelie: Perhaps how in the ^*!&#$ HR is supposed to prepare for 2021?

Ahh, this is such a good question.

HR people have to plan – we have cyclical things we plan for. We know that the fourth quarter brings performance appraisals and year-end raises, and the fiscal year ends in July, so we need to be prepared with a budget. We know that sexual harassment, code of conduct, and diversity training all need to be completed by a specific date, and then we get to follow up with people who skipped out.

This, we’re good at doing.

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2 thoughts on “How on Earth Is HR Supposed to Prepare for 2021? (3 Tips)

  1. A nice positive attitude is what exactly is needed. This article is a great follow up to the article dealing with mental issues at work. The message that life is still ongoing and we all need to keep going despite everything that is occurring. Take a message from the dwarves (from the Snow White tale) —Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work I go—or more plainly do you want to continue to get paid, you need to work. There’s no free rides despite how much they desire.

  2. Ultimately, I feel like communication is key to HR in the coming year. When employees know what businesses are up to, it offers transparency, which goes a long way in strengthening trust between workers and executives.

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