No. This is not a creative way to get noticed. This is a stupid way to get noticed. If someone sent me $10 and asked for a job, I’d return the $10 and put them in the do not hire, ever category.

It’s not cute. It’s not creative. It shouldn’t make you consider this person above other candidates. Graham says, in the comments, the briber was interviewed but not hired. The hiring manager should have disqualified him immediately instead.

Yes, I have strong feelings. Getting jobs is hard enough. Adding an element where people who cross ethical lines get a boost is detrimental to all job hunters. You want the best person for the job, not someone who is okay with bribery. (Granted, if you’re hiring someone to work with government officials in Philadelphia, bribery may be a required skill.)

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15 thoughts on “Please Tell Me this CEO is Nuts

  1. Had a candidate send 1/2 of a dollar bill attached to his resume with a note that read something to the effect of ‘we’d get the other half when he interviewed.’ We did not interview him, but mostly because he was 100% not qualified for the position. But he was noticed. That was 20 years ago and I still remember him (not his name, but his actions).

    1. I work in retail. Accepting a $0.01 bribe would be a fireable offense, because it conclusively proves the person hiring can’t be trusted with company money.

  2. “He is modeling behavior of what he will do after he is hired.”

    Yes he is – but unless your hiring for a crime syndicate?

    People should stop trying to look clever, and try harder to just be smart.

  3. And $10? Come on, there should have been at least another 0 on the end. That amount was laughable….

    Don’t get me wrong. If someone sent me $10 as a bribe, I would do exactly what Suzanne did. However, I would also laugh at the paltry amount.

    Now, if there were 5 or 6 more zeros on that amount, I may just hire the person but then, if someone has that kind of money, they probably wouldn’t be looking for a job. 🙂

    1. I know! They’ve shown you they’re unethical AND dumb. And CEO Nutterbutter thinks this is impressive somehow?

  4. Out of curiosity, since I don’t use apps to pay people: Can you turn down/refuse to accept when someone tries to pay you via an app? Every instance I’ve seen of someone paying via an app it’s been instant, with no need for action on the part of the recipient. If that’s the case, I don’t think we can blame someone for receiving the money. There are all sorts of reasons someone may have such an app that have nothing to do with the business, and it’s not hard to find someone online these days. A hiring manager may have an Etsy account, or may play guitar at a local bar on Friday nights and receive tips via an app, and a prospective employee may find it and slip in some money. I’m not sure what happens on the recipient’s side.

    To be clear: I’m not saying that offering the bribe is right. Nor am I saying that accepting a bribe is right. What I am saying is that I’m unsure, given the nature of modern electronic payment options, whether we can count receiving the bribe as accepting a bribe these days.

    Think of it this way: If someone left $10 on my desk while I’m away from it, that’s not an ethical failure on my part. If I pocket the money, it is. Wouldn’t a prospective employee depositing money in an account in such a way that I can’t refuse it fall under the same heading?

    1. From my limited use of Venmo, you simply refuse a payment (why they haven’t figure this out is beyond me) but you can just send it back.

      1. But I don’t think the ethical failure here is someone offering a bribe – it’s not rejecting the person trying to bribe you out of hand.

  5. Ah well, it seems Tammery Hall tactics are still being used and now with criminals being considered victims and will need special considerations, this is just an another method used to scam the system. My additional comment to this is what will happen when taking bribes is considered acceptable based on our current society’s train of thinking ( not your skills but who you bribe)

  6. I wonder how they would have reacted if a young woman sent the money instead? Would he be bragging about how she got to the top of the list?

  7. Aside from the cookies and chocolate cakes I received, I had one candidate send a note stating he wants the jobs so bad he would give me the shirt off his back inside a package containing a white dress shirt. I sent it back to him. Besides, the collar was two inches too small.

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