Social Collaboration: Benefits, Best Practices, and Tools

With social media, you can chat with friends, share funny memes, and tweet angry things into the internet void. Social collaboration uses the same tools (and can include the same behaviors), but the goals are different; this is the business side of social media.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at social collaboration; what it is, what the benefits are, and what best practices you can follow. We’ll also share some examples of social collaboration software. Here goes!

What is social collaboration?

Networking is the standard way business people connect. It’s a concept that has gone on for as long as people have been trading goods and services. Social collaboration is networking gone digital.

Instead of coming together in the town square or at a networking meeting, people come together online and work together. You can “meet” people on LinkedIn, Twitter, or any number of websites and create professional relationships. People can recommend others for new jobs or contract work based on these digital-only relationships.

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  1. Wow, that was excellent! And so important too. Poor skills in social collaboration is why so many managers are sure that WFH can’t be effective when actually it can be more effective than working in the office.

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