What Your Employees Want for Holiday Presents in 2020

I love a good workplace holiday party, but this is not the year to bring everyone together in a hotel ballroom. Nope. 

And while there’s no legal or even moral obligation to give presents to your staff, it will be appreciated. But what to give? Budgets may be tight, and everyone may still be working from home. So, I went out and asked actual humans what presents they loved and would love to receive in 2020. 

Please note, not all of these are appropriate for all employees! Lots of people love alcohol, but make sure you know that your employees drink before you offer something like that. 

To read the list, click here: What Your Employees Want for Holiday Presents in 2020

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2 thoughts on “What Your Employees Want for Holiday Presents in 2020

  1. Lovely choices for every budget! But I wonder about the alcohol. Thoughtful drinkers will have their own preferences. For “anything will do as long as it’s alcohol” drinkers, is that a good idea for a gift between professionals? And so many people don’t drink, either by choice, by faith, or by necessity. It seems like a risky gift choice when you’ve offered such better ideas.

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