The Story of How a Zoom Meeting Saved a Woman

A year into the pandemic, and we’re all tired of Zoom meetings, but one woman may owe her life to a Zoom court hearing. 

State attorney assistant Deborah Davis noticed that the victim in a domestic abuse hearing acted strangely, and she asked the Judge to investigate. The police came and found the accused defendant in the house with the victim, even though he had a restraining order against him. The judge revoked his bail and sent him back to jail.

While this is a court case and not your average business Zoom meeting, there are some lessons we can learn. You’re literally peering into your employees’ and coworkers’ lives when they turn on their cameras.

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3 thoughts on “The Story of How a Zoom Meeting Saved a Woman

  1. Good message. No one know what goes on behind closed doors in other people’s homes. But, ZOOM does offer a previously-unavailable “window” into someone’s world, and, if we see something concerning, it behooves us to do whatever we can to help.

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