7 Spooky Times People Had Ghosts at Work

While costumes and candy are the best parts of Halloween, the spooky stories bring it all together. While lots of scary stories are fiction, sometimes what happens in an office brings whole new meaning to the term “ghosting.”

Here are seven true stories about the spirits in the office, gathered from the Evil HR Lady Facebook group.

The pencil thief ghost

Aly works in a residential care facility where people pass to the other side all the time, but at least one former resident sticks around. She explains:

I’m pretty sure a spirit lives in my office and likes playing pranks on me. My favorite pen is constantly ending up in random places like on my bookshelf or inside a drawer I rarely open.

It also steals pencils from one of our residents who used to work for the company years ago, and comes into my office every day to chat. I’ll watch her put her pencil in her bag, and 30 minutes later it’s completely disappeared!

I’ll hear disembodied voices coming from the empty storage room directly behind my office, which is locked so no one could get in there. And there are cold spots all over the building, usually near chairs, like a spirit is sitting there

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