The rules of talent engagement are changing: What’s new now?

You’ve heard of the great resignation, and you’ve heard that candidates now ghost employers rather than the other way around. Does this mean that the rules of engagement for talent recruitment have changed?

The old rules of talent attraction

The employer posts the job, you apply, beg for a job, and then, if lucky, the employer will offer you the job. If you’re brave, you can negotiate the salary up a bit, but it’s pretty much a take-it-or-leave-it situation.

Job interviews were like dog-and-pony shows where candidates tried to impress judges, and the judges didn’t feel obligated to try to impress the candidate.


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3 thoughts on “The rules of talent engagement are changing: What’s new now?

  1. “you can create your own unicorn – you don’t need to find one”


    I’ve been saying this for YEARS!!!

  2. Great points as any company that refuses to be receptive to encouraging people who they are hiring to have full knowledge of the job expectations and limitations is going to continue to have high turnover and major problems in finding employees. And if they use headhunters to “find” employees—Consider that a major warning sign.

  3. Helpful article, thanks. Companies that have frozen in the past will constantly change old employees for new ones, waste time on training them, on adapting to the company’s policies. Everywhere you need an integrated approach and advanced solutions.

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