The Weird Al leadership playbook: Lessons for Elon Musk

Who could be more different than Elon Musk and “Weird Al” Yankovic? Yet both are in the news, Yankovic because of his new parody biopic and Musk because of Twitter. If you’re looking for leadership advice, you’re more likely to turn to Musk. Many people have written articles praising Musk’s “transformational leadership.”

But when we think about who embodies and demonstrates leadership, Weird Al comes out ahead.

I’m not joking. (I’m in HR, we never joke.) What leadership qualities does Weird Al have that Elon Musk lacks? Here are three qualities the singer has that the businessman could and should learn.

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4 thoughts on “The Weird Al leadership playbook: Lessons for Elon Musk

  1. I totally agree. Musk may be a “tranformational leader,” simply because he “transforms” his leadership teams by transitioning them right out the door.

  2. Nothing substantial to add – just popping in to say I love Weird Al’s music! I too have done a lot of “on the job training” for white and nerdy 🙂

  3. Absolutely love this, Suzanne! Character STILL counts, and the difference couldn’t be made any more obvious than comparing the chief Twit to Weird Al – a comedy genius, and paragon of polka-fueled parodies! I’d giddily sign up to do custodial work at his company, while no amount of money could get me in the same building with the other guy. To him I say: Eat It.

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