The Perfect Day to Throw Your Holiday Party

It’s the holiday season, so everyone wants a party to celebrate their employees. Plus, everyone feels an obligation–we have to have a party! But December is full.

In addition to whatever year-end processes you have (especially if your fiscal year operates on a calendar year), your employees are busy with their personal lives. They have family obligations, their kids have school concerts, and everyone is booked.

So have your holiday party in January.

It’s the best time of year to have your party. Here’s why.

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3 thoughts on “The Perfect Day to Throw Your Holiday Party

  1. We polled our staff, and a January celebration was their overwhelming preference. For some, a December party felt more like one more social obligation in an already crowded calendar. Four our fundraising team, it was a chunk of time out of their work day in their busiest time of year. And definitely, it’s more inclusive.

  2. Definitely agree!! With the added benefit that the venues are less crowded and less expensive!! The only downside is that I have usually started my diet in January!! 🙂

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