5 Holiday Party Disasters that Could Have Been Prevented

The holiday season brings work holiday parties. And with it, holiday party disaster stories. These five true stories collected from members of the Evil HR Lady Facebook group have a common thread. See if you can pick it out.

The boss’s wife: “When we were a small company, we had our Xmas party at the owner’s home. His wife got extremely intoxicated and ended up groping most of the male employees. When I asked one what was wrong, I got the response, “she reached down my pants and revved me like a moped” she then passed out on the kitchen counter, and another girl and I carried her to a guest room to sleep it off.”

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2 thoughts on “5 Holiday Party Disasters that Could Have Been Prevented

  1. Agree about the alcohol limitations and conduct decorum rules, but I question also the need to have the party at all. I can think of many other ways to wish the holiday cheer. Besides, not all company employees are similar in religious and cultural observations for the “holidays” celebrated in December in today’s world. The month of December may be the end of the year and even the end of the business year for the company but it is not really necessary to force employees to gather together with their coworkers for a “party”, not in today’s commercialism of the season.

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